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New and Used Skate Gear - Skateboarding

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About Geartrade's Used Skateboard Gear: Good as UnNew on Geartrade

Whether you’re looking to get started skating or you’re more of the “ride or die” type, we can get you rolling. If you’re interested in traditional skateboards, you can find old school, new school, penny, or freestyle skateboards. If you’re into longboards, you can find cruiser, pintail, carver, twintip, or dropthrough longboards. If you just need the parts to build up your deck, we have trucks, wheels, bearings, and bushings.

You can’t ride anywhere if you aren’t riding in style, which is why we have sweet skate shoes and all of the protective gear like helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads to completethe ensemble.

We are huge fans of skating as transportation to help reduce carbon emissions, so feel free to reach out if we can help you choose the gear that’s right for you. Until then, later skater!