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About Geartrade's Used Paddle, Rafting + Kayaking Gear: Good as UnNew on Geartrade

Hey, SUP? Looking to get out on the water? Us, too! We love kayaking, rafting, and stand-up paddle boarding.

We have all things paddle sports. Whether you need a touring kayak, recreational kayak, tandem kayak, a playboat, raft, or duckie, we have it all. We feel that one can never be too safe on the water, so we have all the life jackets, medical kits, helmets, dry suits, splash tops, throw bags and safety gear to keep you in one piece (and dry-ish).

In case you don’t like walking with all of your paddle sports gear, we have car racks to hold yourboats, paddles, frames, etc.

Got questions? We can help steer you in the right direction.

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