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Volkl 90Eight Skis 2017 - Men's w/ Look NX 12 WTR Bindings M 177cm

Volkl 90Eight Skis 2017 - Men's w/ Look NX 12 WTR Bindings


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90Eight Skis 2017 - Men's w/ Look NX 12 WTR Bindings















Product Information

The Volkl 90Eight Skis 2017 with Look NX 12 WTR Bindings is a perfect blend of performance and versatility. This product is designed by the renowned brand Volkl, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The 90Eight skis are crafted with a 3D ridge construction, which reduces the overall weight without compromising on stability. The skis also feature a multi-layer wood core and tough box construction, ensuring durability and longevity. The Look NX 12 WTR bindings provide excellent power transmission, shock absorption, and an easy step-in design, making it a breeze to get on and off the skis.

This UnNew Volkl 90Eight Skis 2017 - Men's w/ Look NX 12 WTR Bindings is in Good condition. 
Products in Good condition have been well loved, but still have life left in them. Signs of wear may include pilling, snags, lint, animal hair, dried dirt, minor but noticeable staining, and other cosmetic imperfections. Small tears or holes may be present, but will not affect the functionality of the item. 
With this item, the following damages were observed: 

  • Some chipping and wear to topsheets, particularly along edges
  • Some rusting along edges 

  • Construction: 3D Ridge Core - The combination of the ridge design and the lightweight wood core saves weight and provides a smooth flex.
  • Core: Multi Layer Woodcore - The combination of beech and poplar results in an extremely durable wood core composed of hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood surrounding it.
  • Base: P-Tex 2100 - A sintered high-density and high molecular polyethylene base with great gliding characteristics and high durability.
  • Binding Compatibility: We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.
  • Bindings: Look NX 12 WTR Bindings - Lightweight, easy step-in design, long elastic travel, and multi-directional release.
  • Binding DIN: 3.5 - 12
  • Tip & Tail Rocker - Makes the ski turn-friendly and allows for a stiffer flex setup. A longer rocker shape at the front and rear compared to the 3D.RIDGE construction enables the skier to turn and pivot the ski with minimal effort.
  • 3D.Glass - Compared to classic glass constructions, the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the binding area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns.
  • Tough Box Construction - Volkl protects the goods (in this case the Multi Layer Wood Core) with a composite and fiberglass sheath for resilience, durability and snap.
  • Disclaimer: These bindings on this ski are mounted for approximately a 310mm boot sole length. The bindings have not been fitted and tested for your specific ski boot. The DIN on this binding has also not been adjusted in accordance with your specific height, weight, ski boot sole length, and skier type. We recommend that you have a certified binding technician adjust the bindings in accordance with your specific measurements to ensure that the bindings release properly.


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