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SciCon Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case U One Size

Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case Black, One Size - Excellent


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Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case






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Product Information

Product Condition: The Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case is in Excellent condition. This was owned for less than one month and saw very little use. There is some scraping on the sides and bottom, but nothing that affects the integrity of the case. This case in in overall very good shape, get a great deal on it today. *Sold as is, all warranties void.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $1499.00

Let's face it, bikes are expensive. If you travel frequently with yours, it deserves the most protection you can provide and one of the better cases we've come across is the designed in Italy Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case from SciCon. It'll give your bike a fighting chance against heavy-handed baggage attendants and ensure that it arrives unscathed and ready to ride. SciCon uses a high-impact ABS composite for the ultimate in protection while keeping the weight incredibly low at only 11kg or just over 24-pounds. It's one of the most robust and lightest hard shell bike transport cases on the market and it's now compatible with thru-axle systems.

The case requires minimal disassembly of your bicycle with only the wheels, seatpost, and one pedal needing to be removed and the handlebar only needs to be loosened and turned. The bike’s wheels are stored safely in the wheel compartments of the bike travel case while everything is cocooned in padded protection. Furthermore, it maximizes space with dedicated storage areas for the pedals and seatpost and saddle fitting into a special storage bag. Its patented design also houses road and tri bikes with integrated seatposts.

This case gives you the confidence of knowing that your bike will arrive safe and sound at your destination. SciCon developed and tested this case with professional cycling teams and the request for quick release adapters for both thru-axle and quick-release systems was an ask as disc brakes have become more and more ubiquitous. The case is sleek and compact allowing it to fit easily into vehicles and while navigating busy airports. It's equipped with two Travel Sentry approved TSA key locks, making sure your bike is only accessible by TSA agents and protected from any other unwanted access. The dedicated compartments, included shock absorbing tube pads, and clever Suspended Frame System (SFS) hold everything firmly in place, providing extra stability and safety and allow easy visibility for security to inspect the contents without having to remove anything.

Travel, especially moving through busy airports is stressful enough so thankfully SciCon makes it as easy as possible to maneuver. The case features four ball bearing wheels that have 360-degree rotation letting you move with your bike upright and rolling in silence.

Aerotech Evolution X TSA Case (DWGBDBL)

Tech Specs

Responsible Collection


ABS thermoplastic



1 bike


4 wheels

Carry Options






2 Travel Sentry approved key locks


114cm x 36cm x 94cm

Claimed Weight

24.2lb (11,000g)



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20 hours