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La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube U 13

La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube


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Olympus Mons Cube











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The best 8000m boots you can buy, and the newest updated mons cube version. Super warm and comfortable. Bought and worn for the 2022 Everest expedition. Fully functioning and In excellent condition, check pictures for any signs of slight wear on the sole from the initial entry into the icefall. Even better, the Inner boots are brand new (have never been worn) as I used my intuition liners. 46% off the original purchase price. Rule of thumb, go up one full US size. I am a size 12 US, hence fit perfectly in the 13 US mons cube with mountaineering socks.


The Olympus Mons Cube offers maximum warmth and minimal weight for alpinists crossing the coldest, most barren expanses and the highest most extreme mountains on earth. Dual BOA® closure system allows you to fine tune the fit. Double removable PE and EVA thermal booties together with the Vibram®, LITEBASE and MOREFLEX expanded EVA outsoles insulate and provide comfort and customization. SkiTrab tech inserts make the boot ideal for arctic crossing with skis and skins.



Hi. I recently started climbing after my father died. I felt like I just needed to go away to the mountains for some soul searching. I’ve got just about everything except boots since they are so expensive. I saw these though and I am a size 12. I originally was saving for the millet, but I know several people use these as well. Is 699 your lowest price? I currently have about $500 left till next month. I’m also a third grade tea she so budget is kind of limited. I totally understand if you want to stick with that price though. Just checking with different people to see if they can somehow accommodate my budget. Thanks. Nick


Hi Nick, I started climbing also when my dad passed of cancer 10 years ago. I am a size 12 too, and the key is go a full size up to 13 and the la mons cube fit perfectly.They are in great condition (only wore once on Everest) and super comfy boots, but I would advise eventually switching out the la sportiva liners to a brand called intuition liners. Geartrade take a cut, I can't reduce the price any further.

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