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Xero shoes HFS M 8.5

Xero Shoes - HFS lightweight road running "barefoot" shoes


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I want the next size up, so I'm posting these in hopes for a trade for some size 9 of these; ideally, the same color. The tread is still in excellent condition from light usage; there aren't any smoothed-down spots on the tread from use. In fact, the speckly grit tread is still present on most of the sole. The tread is also durable, high-carbon rubber, so it holds up well. I bought these earlier in the winter, so now that spring is in full force, they're only now beginning to get more use in town. The screen-printed size info on the inside of the tongue is still in perfectly legible condition — that's a good indicator of "excellent condition". Honestly, if I soaped these clean, I could easily list these as new. The stock insoles are certainly breathable and odor-resistant, but they never stay put, so the insoles should be considered as a bonus alternative to other insoles you have on hand. Otherwise, a couple short strips of two-sided Gorrilla (or 3M) tape is a competent solution. Product website marketing copy: WHY YOU’LL LOVE THE HFS: Natural FIT — a wide toe box lets your toes spread, splay, relax, and function naturally. Natural MOTION — the HFS is flexible enough to let your feet bend, move, and flex the way, well, that feet are supposed to. The “XERO-drop” design (non-elevated heel) allows for proper posture, and it’s built low to the ground for balance and agility. Natural FEEL — the HFS has a 5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole to give you the right combination of protection plus ground-feedback, so your brain knows how to move your body optimally. Also, you can remove the 3.5mm insole, for a closer-to-barefoot experience that lets you Feel The World®. Light weight — so light, in fact, you could forget you have them on. A men’s 9 is about 6.8 ounces (each). Huarache-inspired design — the adjustable instep and midfoot straps are not just eye-catching but functional, giving you a secure and comfortable fit. Vegan-friendly materials — No animal products are used in the HFS 5,000 mile sole warranty — like all Xero Shoes, the HFS is backed with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty and a 5,000 mile sole warranty.


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