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Enve M7 Stem U 35 x 65mm

M7 Stem Black, 35 x 65mm - Good


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M7 Stem






35 x 65mm





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Product Condition: The M7 Stem is in Good condition. Stem is in good condition. Was previously owned for approximately 2 weeks. Stem has been installed. There is cosmetic damage under where the stem was installed(markings from install). Shows little to no other signs of use. Sold as-is. All warranties void.

Size: Unisex 35 x 65mm

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $300.00

Continuing along with its mountain handlebars, ENVE takes its M-Series wheel naming structure and applies it to its stems helping to categorize the product for its intended use and rider. The stem we have here, the M7, is ENVE's first 35mm diameter clamp stem and comes in with a 0-degree rise and lengths appropriate for the modern, aggressive trail and enduro bike and rider. It's obviously designed to pair with ENVE's only 35mm clamp handlebar, the M7, helping complement the look and feel of the bars and creating one awesome gravity-rated carbon cockpit. The resulting stem has some serious strength to weight ratio that would shame an aluminum stem and benefits top-flite pros and the weekend warrior alike with the safety we all deserve while helping quell those numb hands created by hauling ass in rough terrain.

All three lengths come in under 100 grams, specifically, 85, 92, and 99 grams for the 35, 50 and 65mm lengths. This comes courteous of the unidirectional carbon fiber construction which ENVE takes to the next level by molding the threads into the stem to accept the titanium hardware versus the commonly accepted, heavier, and potentially weaker process of pressing in aluminum inserts. Indeed, its only concession to aluminum is its faceplate where we're sure if ENVE thought that carbon would have been at an advantage here, it would have used it. ENVE claims the new stem is so strong it had to recalibrate its lab equipment as in its strength was off the charts. This gives us a ton of confidence as we blindly drop into a steep and treacherous section of trail without even second-guessing our stem choice.

M7 Stem (DWGB0JC)

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