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K2 Skis Alluvit 88 women's ski F 163 cm

Women's K2 Alluvit 88 Ski with bindings


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K2 Skis


Alluvit 88 women's ski






163 cm







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K2 Alluvit 88

This ski was on the market for about 5 seasons with very little change. (from 2016 to 2020). That speaks volumes about a ski. It, as with many women’s skis in the K2 line, were/are extremely popular. Besides being front and center in development of “rocker”, K2 was front and center in pushing women’s skis. They hit home runs on both accounts in the industry, making them a main stream ski all over the world. 

I am not sure of the model year of the ski I have for sale but I believe it was from the 2016-17 season. We bought these for my daughter in the spring of 2017 from a shop in Snowmass, CO. She demoed the ski, loved it, and they sold it to us. It had been skied 3 days that entire season when we purchased it from the shop. She proceeded to ski the ski for the next 3 seasons, 4 times per year (total of 12 days). She did ski it this season 2021-2022 about 20 days and realized that she has outgrown it.  She has started to demo newer K2 skis and has yet to make a decision for herself

When we purchased it for her, she was tall (5’11”), thin (125lbs), and 18 years old. She has not gotten taller but has “filled out” and weighs 150lbs now. She is much stronger too. 

She has asked her old dad to sell it. Comes with a very good professional stone base tune/wax and free shipping. A total of 36 days of skiing on them. Lots more left!

NOTE: The “rental binding” is a Marker FDT 12. It has a DIN setting range from 4 to 12 and therefore can handle all weights and abilities of any woman. It can be adjusted to fit boots up to 388 cm in sole length (this number is on the side of the sole of your boot. It tells you the sole length). In other words, it can handle a boot size from a women’s US 4 to 12. 

Here is what Ski Essentials, a shop in Stowe Vermont that I respect a lot, has to say about this ski:

The Alluvit 88 is a women's specific all mountain ski that's arguably the most versatile ski in the entire K2 collection thanks to its awesome performance on groomed slopes and solid ability in off piste conditions. 

Let's start with the 88 mm width. This is a perfect width for many skiers looking for a versatile all mountain ski. 88 cm is narrow enough that it's responsive and quick edge to edge on firm snow, but provides enough width for solid float and stability in softer conditions. It really hits a nice sweet spot for an all mountain ski that doesn't feel like it has a bias towards one type of terrain or snow condition over others. 

On top of the perfect width the skis also use K2's impressive Bioflex Nanolite core technology. A super light core sits at the heart of the ski keeping weight at an impressively low figure, while denser wood and metal laminates run along the edges of the ski. This retains solid torsional stiffness and energy for snappy turns on groomers without adding too much weight that can come along with full sheets of metal. Konic technology metal laminates insure that this ski will hold an edge and carve a powerful turn, yet thanks to the light overall weight of the Bioflex technology (ie core), rockered tips and tails, and early taper it's also extremely maneuverable in off piste, trickier terrain. 

It really is a great choice for women who want a ski that can do a little bit of everything on a given day. You can just cruise groomed slopes all day or move into more challenging terrain; the ski will feel right at home no matter what you choose. 


·      Sidecut: 128/88/110 mm

·      Turn Radius: 13.5 m at 170 cm Length

·      Bioflex Konic- Fir & Aspen 

·      Nanolite Core Construction

·      All Terrain Rocker Profile

·      Konic-Metal Laminates

·      Triaxal Braided Construction

·      Hyrbitech Sidewalls

·      Tapered Tips and Tails

All-Terrain Rocker 
All-Terrain Rocker features an elevated tip for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edge-hold in firmer conditions. Simply put, All-Terrain Rocker offers versatility and ease in all snow conditions.

Bioflex Konic 
Women's specific core integrated into the Konic Technology design, with a Bioflex (Aspen and Paulownia) wood along the perimeter of the ski and Nanolite through the center for reduced swing weight with an unmatched flex profile. 5% reduction in weight overall, 15% reduction in swing weight.

A super lightweight, low density aerospace grade composite core that runs through the center and extremities of the ski for reduced swing weight and added ease and control.

Metal Laminate 
A metal laminate construction, consisting of alternating layers of fiberglass and titanial to provide damp, accurate and precise performance.

Fir and Aspen Core 
Aspen: Lightweight with a resilient, damp, easy to ski nature. Fir: strong, stiff dense wood for solid, edge-to-edge performance.

Triaxial Braiding 
Triaxial Braiding was developed by K2 in 1988 and is still the best way to apply fiberglass to a wood core. This process consists of sending a milled wood core through the patented Triaxial Braiding machine, where interlocking strands of fiberglass wrap the core. This unique method produces skis that have a great deal of torsional or twist rigidity and strength, while maintaining the lively innate flex characteristics of its wood core.

Hybritech Sidewall 
Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a full cap construction in the extremities. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power and performance while the cap regions reduce overall ski weight and promote easy turn initiation and finish.

Tapered Tip and Tail 
A design feature that shifts the contact points with the snow toward the midsole of the ski, reducing deflection in the tip and easing turn release in the tail.


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