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PRO Vibe Stem U Unisex 110mm/-10 deg

Vibe Stem Black, 110mm/-10 deg - Excellent


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Vibe Stem






Unisex 110mm/-10 deg





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Product Condition: The Vibe Stem is in Excellent condition. Stem is in excellent condition. Was previously owned for approximately 2 months. Stem has a very small chip. Shows little to no signs of installation or use. Sold as-is. All warranties void

Size: Unisex 110mm/-10 deg

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $129.99

Take a look at many of Shimano's sponsored WorldTour teams. Most are rocking PRO's Vibe Stem, and for good reason. Pro riders demand stiff stems, and racing day-in-day-out requires a certain lightweight design that is durable enough not to second guess while horking on the bars in an attempt to stay with the groupetto on Hors Catgorie climbs or chasing all-out at 50+ MPH in a desperate attempt to rejoin after summiting said climb. This latest version Vibe sees many new designs namely, a new faceplate, Di2 integration, and an integrated topcap. These changes give the Vibe a new look and cleaner compatibility on Di2 equipped bikes especially when paired with the new PRO handlebars.

First off, we'll address the elephant in the room, this stem ain't carbon. PRO chose AL-7075 alloy to deliver exceptional torsional rigidity and durability and it still comes in at the same, or lower weight, than many carbon stems. The shape of the stem also contributes heavily to the stiffness. Gone is the puzzle piece faceplate of old. The new faceplate is much larger and the titanium bolt's heads are hidden on the backside of the clamp area, screwing into the backside of the faceplate. This provides a smooth, super clean look and improves airflow over this critical area of the bike.

As a subsidiary of Shimano, PRO gives a nod to better Di2 integration with improved E-Tube wiring. When paired with a PRO Di2 routed bar, it's hollow central section allows for easy and concealed routing of Di2 wires. For non-internally routed handlebars, there is a recessed notch behind the lower faceplate. The new Vibe specific headset topcap further contributes to clean looks and improved aerodynamics.

The feedback provided by pro cyclists provides PRO with excellent real-world input that helps it manufacture components that can withstand the highest level of the sport. We'd like to think that if it can hold up to this kind of abuse it'll serve us well on own on exploits.

Vibe Stem (DWGAYH2)

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Can you please clarify that the stem fits a steerer tube of 1 and 18 inches? The model shown is designed for 1 and 14 inch steerer tubes. Your answer will help me finalize the purchase.


Hello, this fits a steerer tube of 1-18 in.

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