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FISCHER Ski/SALOMON Binding Carbonlite RCS Skate Plus Ski and SALOMON PILOT SNS Binding U 192cm

FISCHER Carbotlite RCS Skate Plus Ski with SALOMON Pilot SNS Bindings


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Carbonlite RCS Skate Plus Ski and SALOMON PILOT SNS Binding















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Product Information

The Fischer Carbon lite Skate Plus Skis with Salomon Pilot SNS Bindings are race-ready for ambitious cross-country skiers. These skis utilize Air Core HM Carbon technology that is extremely lightweight. Combined with the Hole Ski Tip, skiers will save energy with a lighter swing weight. The Computer Flex Control technology provides excellent kick performance and climbing.


These Fischer Carbon lite Skate Plus Skis with Salomon Pilot SNS Bindings are in Fair Condition. There is damage to the tip of one of the skis. There is cracking on the topsheet in one area and cracking through the base in another. It will likely need to be epoxied or reinforced so that the tip does not snap. It is evident by some slight scuffs that these skis have been lightly used. The Salomon Pilot SNS Bindings are also in good condition. Lots of life is left in these bindings. 

-       Air Core HM Carbon: ski core with over 80% air content for extremely lightweight combined with highly modular carbon fibers

-       CFC (Computer Flex Control): Minimizes differences in residual tension and camber pressure.; excellent climbing and kick performance

-       Cold Base Bonding: Speedmax technology to protect the homogeneous molecular structure of the base for perfect wax absorption

-       DTG World Cup Plus: Deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for warm and moist conditions; produced using natural diamond.

-       FCF (Fischer Carbon Fiber): Multiaxial T300 1K carbon fiber; high strength and minimum weight laminate

-       Finish First: the term that covers and unites all the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base

-       Hole Ski Tip: Skating construction with composite material to reduce ski tip mass;  requires less effort thanks to reduced swing weight.

-       Precision Pairing System: fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensure precise ski choice and optimized pairing

-       Race Code: label of quality guarantees technological lead for professionals and ambitious skiers, direct from Fischer’s racing department

-       Sidecut World Cup Skate: Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique.

-       Skating 115: Special camber and snow contact points further apart from each other mean increased stability and a more powerful kick action on hard snow.

-       Salomon Pilot SNS bindings deliver Pilot performance; lightweight

-       Designed to maximize transmission efficiency 

-       Excellent snow feel with integrated wedge



Just wonder what the flex rating or weight range on these is


Thanks for your question! We took a deeper look into these pair of skate skis and the flex rating for them is a medium. We hope this answer helps!


Agree with other question - any sign if these are these medium or stiff flex? can you get someone about 185lb to stand on them and see if they flex all the way to the floor?


These skis appear to be a medium flex, we actually did have someone 185lb on board and the skis flexed to the floor fairly quickly. We hope this answer helps!


Can you tell me the FAFlex number on these? It should be the last 2 digits of the 3 digit Serial Number. Im guessing it should be somewhere between 75 and 95 based on the length?


Thanks for your question and apologies for this as we looked all over this pair of skis and we did not see any 3 digit serial numbers. We only saw the length indicated and what we believe is the serial number which is 11 digits ending in "028". We did test the flex with someone who is around 185 lbs and the ski flexed to the ground pretty quickly. Sorry that we didn't have more information on this and we hope some of what we posted helps!

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