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Suunto 9 Baro Titanium Sport Watch U One Size

9 Baro Titanium Sport Watch Titanium, One Size - Good


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9 Baro Titanium Sport Watch






One Size





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Product Condition: The 9 Baro Titanium Sport Watch is in Good condition. VFC- This item was previously owned for one month. The following observations were made regarding this item. * received watch looking used and had workouts on the watch log. * Still in excellent condition * Item sold as is, all warranties void.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Titanium

Retail Cost: $599.00

The only thing stronger and more enduring than Titanium is the battery in your Suunto 9 Baro Titanium watch. If you've always got your mind on the next ultra, backpacking trek, or everyday training run, then this watch is the thing for you. With up to 120 hours of battery life, this watch has three unique training modes that suit your battery life to your activity level, and features intelligent smart reminders to make sure you're charged when you head out on the trail.

When you're miles from home and your watch notices that it's running low on juice, it will automatically suggest switching to another training mode to preserve battery life, helping it finish out the run and recording data the whole way. It's got 25 hours of battery life in performance mode, 40 hours in endurance mode, and a whopping 120 hours in ultra mode. That same intelligent technology will keep track of your activity history and send you reminders to charge up when it thinks your headed out on a run soon, ensuring that you never get stuck out on the trail without training data. And when you get home, you can easily share your times and miles on the Suunto app.

One of the most innovative parts of the Suunto 9 is how it uses both GPS and movement data to preserve battery life and keep accurate tracking. GPS is a big drain on batteries, so when batteries start to drain the GPS signal is often reduced to preserve juice, resulting in incorrect readings. The Suunto 9 gets around this problem by using movement data to fill in the gaps when GPS is limited, giving you an accurate distance reading that won't cause your battery to sputter out halfway through your run. The Baro edition of this watch uses similar technology to measure altitude, combining GPS altitude with barometric altitude for a highly accurate reading when you're tracking your elevation gains. The Suunto 9 Baro also delivers outdoor insights like sea level pressure and temperature, and even features a storm alarm to let you know when you should be picking up the pace or ducking for cover, all of which can be displayed with their Outdoor watch face for easily accessed information. You've got all of this, plus over 80 specific sport modes, 100m water-resistance, a wrist heart-rate monitor, and a stylish Titanium bezel for unrivaled durability and eye-catching looks.

Suunto 9 Baro Titanium (DWGATVO)

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Do you still have the item for sale hope it,s does not have any stain or scratch email me with some photos val mariasmithluv850 at g m dot cum


We have posted additional photos on the site for review


Is the original price correct? On Suunto this watch retails for $499. Thanks!


YES, this was the retail price at the time it was sold.


Hello I,am buying this item for my pastor fiance who is in west Africa well I'm sorry i don't think I'd be able to meet up cos of COVID-19 Virus and i don't mind adding extra $100 for the shipping My Mode of payment is through CashApp as i don't have access to my bank account online, but i have it attached to my CashApp


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