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Elite Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers U Unisex One Size

Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers White, One Size - Excellent


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Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers






Unisex One Size





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Product Condition: The Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers is in Excellent condition. The rollers are in excellent condition. The rollers were previously owned for approximately four weeks. The following observation has been made about this item: " The rollers has no signs of use - the packaging is ripped and taped together." Item sold as is. All warranties void.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: White

Retail Cost: $379.99

Rollers are the next best thing to riding your bike on the road or trails, so when Mother Nature or your busy schedule decide that an outdoor ride isn't possible, don't despair. Instead, set your bike up on Elite's Arion Mag Parabolic Folding Rollers and get a realistic, challenging ride in anyway. Your body will thank you for not heading out in the middle of a snowstorm, and when you are able to get outside again, you'll find your legs haven't missed a beat.

Elite uses neodymium magnets integrated into smooth, anti-static plastic rollers to provide three levels of resistance during your ride. You'll be able to warm up at an easy pace and then use a slider on the rollers to easily up the pain level for a tempo ride or hard intervals.

Rollers are notorious for requiring more of a learning curve than a traditional trainer — the tradeoff for how realistic they feel — but Elite sought to make adapting to the Arion Mag as easy as possible by using a parabolic drum design to help you keep your balance as you ride. The design continuously guides the wheel towards the middle of the roller while the platform construction simplifies mounting and dismounting. The plastic rollers are quiet enough to play music or watch cycling highlights on TV while you ride, and the entire setup is foldable, so you can travel with the Arion Mag or store it with ease.

Imagine you're outside. (DWGAT42)

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