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Tacx Neo Bike Smart Indoor Training Bike U One Size

Neo Bike Smart Indoor Training Bike Black, One Size - Like New


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Neo Bike Smart Indoor Training Bike






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Product Condition: The Neo Bike Smart Indoor Training Bike is in Like New condition. The Tacx Neo Smart Indoor Training Bike is in Like New condition. The bike was previously owned for approximately 1 week. The following observation has been made about this item: " The original packaging is factory sealed. It is a late 2020 early 2021 model." Item sold as is. All warranties void.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $3199.99

When winter hits we live on the trainer, but come the slightest ray of sun, and first thaw of ice, we're inclined to head right back outdoors. That means that sporadic springtime weather can get us down, as our muddy steeds aren't welcome back into the living room for a training session, and we don't want to wear out our race-ready road rubber on the trainer. Setting ourselves up with two different rides is a big ask, but sometimes its totally worth it especially when machines like Tacx's Neo Bike Smart Indoor Training Bike come along. The Neo Bike is a smart bike, with direct drive, and a motor brake, and a real-riding feel that blows stationary bikes out of the water. It's designed to create an unprecedented, immersive experience that replicates the feel of the bike so you can keep conquering the miles, come rain, shine, snow and hail.

The Neo Bike aims to make things as realistic as possible, with a 4.5-inch display that shows your data and enables easy setup, and a whole slew of tech that's designed to simulate outdoor riding. It features Dynamic Inertia, which is developed to control the mass inertia or ride feel as realistically as possible. In contrast to the mass inertia of a fly wheel, Dynamic inertia compensates for weight, speed, and angle of inclination, which translates to a smooth, realistic ride feel. Road Feel and Gear Feel technology adds in features that simulate the vibrations of different road patterns, so you can ride with the feel of cobblestones while watching the Spring Classics, and experience real gear shift feels. The Neo Bike is built to resist massive bursts of energy, too, so you an get out of the saddle for massive sprints up to 2200-watters, and simulate climbs up to a 25%-grade to deliver the training regiment you need to reach for the podium at the first spring races.

While we can sing praise of spinning indoors, there's undoubtedly an elemnt that we could all do without the whine of a trainer. Tacx aims to tackle this issue by combining Neo Smart technology with the internal design to reduce noise, and land at the claimed spot of "most silent indoor bike trainer available." Now, we haven't tested this in comparison to other quiet indoor machines, but we do think it's a bold claim that we'd welcome into our pain-caves through training season.

If it weren't for craving data, we'd all be riding cheap rollers and not-so-smart trainers, but when the data matter, smart training is where it's at. The Neo Bike is designed to measure power with incredible precision, offering power within a maximum deviation of 1%, all without any calibration needed. The data can be gathered on your end via the display, but also transmits via Bluetooth Smart Open, and ANT+ FE-C. That means you can easily control the bike with your smartphone, tablet, ANT+ FE-C bike computers, or connect it to your computer with the ANT+ antenna. The trainer comes with a month of Tacx's premium software, with unlimited high quality films to explore the world of cycling through your screen, 3D road maps that allow you to create or upload your favorite rides by linking with your Strava account or uploading your logged GPS data. It also offer structured training plans to work towards your goals, and the ability to race against live opponents for an interactive feel. And because we've never felt like we're on a ride without feeling the wind against our skin, Tacx finishes off the trainer with two interactive air fans on the handlebars that adjust flow based on your speed, power, and heart rate.

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