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Klymit LWD U 76 x 45 x 12

2 Klymit LWD Packrafts w/ Paddles and Modifications


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76 x 45 x 12





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Product Information

Interested in getting into packrafting/bikerafting? This set of two Klymit LWD's has everything you need to get started with the exception of life jackets (please always use life jackets!).

  This includes:

  • 2 LWD's 

  • 2 86in Aluminum Collapsible Kayak Paddles

  • 2 Adjustable Backrests

  • 2 Storage/Inflation/Drysacks (takes about 14 bag fulls of air to fully inflate)

  • 2 Large Klymit Pillow X's (used as a seat when paddling and as a pillow when camping)

  • 2 6ft Paracord Lines with Carabiners (for connecting the rafts when drifting/relaxing, tying off on shore, pulling the raft when navigating shallow waters)

Modifications to the rafts include:

  • Attachment patches on the back of the boat and left and right side walls to attach the backrest

  • Attachment patch near the seat area to attach the seat

  • Abrasion patch on the bottom under the seat section as it's the most likely place to drag in shallow water

  • Paracord loops added to all attachment points allowing for more of a variety of tie off methods

  • Paracord line on the front attachment points to be able to hold onto the raft while swimming

I've made these modifications to try to overcome some of the LWD's short comings. Those being; adding a backrest due to lack of back support making longer trips tough on your core/back muscles, and adding a detachable inflatable seat due to the near impossibility of getting into the raft without some water getting in and even with the integrated seat inflated, you sit a little low.  Now you'll be riding higher with your back supported and your rear out of any water that snuck into the raft.  With the additions/modifications, the boats now weight 3 pounds 12 ounces each.  Rafts measure 76 x 45 x 12 inches and have a weight capacity of 300 pounds.  


Given this being the era of Covid and just good practice, all inflation valves have been sanitized with rubbing alcohol prior to being packed up for shipping.  


Can you attach a bike to these?  Yes.  Can you take these backpacking and attach your backpack to them when paddling?  Yes (but better have a dry bag inside).  Is it ideal for these activities?  Not particularly, but these are great and affordable way to figure out if you and a friend/partner like packrafting.  I found out that I love it and made the upgrade to full size packrafts.  Definitely only for the warmer months, as I mentioned above, water will get into these when getting in/out.


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