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Magura USA MT Trail SL Brake Set U Unisex Front and Rear

MT Trail SL Brake Set Black, Front and Rear - Like New


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MT Trail SL Brake Set






Unisex Front and Rear





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Product Information

Product Condition: The MT Trail SL Brake Set is in Like New condition. Brakes are in like new condition. Were previously shipped and returned to shipper. Original packaging is damaged. Sold as-is. All warranties void.

Size: Unisex Front and Rear

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $585.00

Whether you're putting together your dream bike, or upgrading your trusty steed, looking for featherweight, reliable components are a good place to start, and we think that Magura's MT Trail SL Brake Set also make a pretty good place to stop. These feathery brakes find the balance we want between incredible calibration, intense braking power, precise modulation, and minimal weight. It all starts in the levers, which are ergonomically optimized for 1-finger braking, with HC carbon fiber construction that drops grams, while keeping rigidity a priority. The lever can be adjusted for reach, keeping your cockpit as comfortable as it is sleek. When it comes to stopping power Magura strategically builds the brake set with a beefy 4-piston front brake caliper, and 2-piston rear caliper, giving you the control you need to stop on a dime when unforeseen circumstances (see: moose mid trail) mean you need to lock your wheels, spin around, and book it in the opposite direction.

Magura has been in the game for a while, since 1893 to be exact, so it knows the importance of details. For instance, the banjo fitting on the MT Trail SL caliper is one great example in its ability to pivot. This means that you'll be able to route the hose cleanly along frame no matter what the housing guide and mount configuration are. The forged aluminum caliper allows for a 1-piece design. This adds stiffness to an otherwise superlight caliper body. The pistons are made of thermoplastic, which helps to insulate the fluid from the heat generated in the brake pads. This improves the brake performance on steep, enduring descents. Changing pads has been made easier than ever since the calipers use a top loading design. This way, you're able to change pads without removing the wheel.

The CarboTecture master cylinder is stiffer, lighter, and stronger than comparable parts made of aluminum or magnesium. In a truly inspired move, Magura created both sides the same. You're now able to run your levers on either side of the bike, and it won't matter because there's a bleed screw on top and bottom. Magura's Easy Bleed Technology (EBT) means that maintenance is simple and mess-free, no more opening the reservoir and sloshing oil all over your bike and the floor. It should be noted that Magura relies on a system that uses Royal Blood (mineral oil) rather than DOT-approved brake fluid. The simple reason is that it is non-corrosive and non-toxic. The MT Trail SL brakes come with a five-year leakproof warranty, and they're Matchmaker compatible, so you're able to mount your SRAM trigger shifters on the same clamps as your brakes.

Why We Like The MT Trail SL Brake Set (DWGAMUY)

Tech Specs



Lever Adjustability

yes, 3mm Hex




chrome-plated aluminum

Mount Type



Magura Royal Blood




not included

Claimed Weight

[front] 8.5oz (240g), [rear] 7.8oz (220g)

Recommended Use

cross-country, enduro, trail



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do these have the lines connect to front and rear from lever to brake?


Hello! Yes, this does include the lines.

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