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Black Diamond Fritischi Diamir, Garmont G-lite, BLK DMD Skins M Size 9 boots

Special Forces Cross Country Ski Set


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Fritischi Diamir, Garmont G-lite, BLK DMD Skins






Size 9 boots





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This Cross Country ski set is complete. It is used by Special Forces cold weather teams. The set includes: size 9 Garmont G-Lite boots, 2 sets of poles, Black Diamond Skis, Fritschi Diamir Freeride Cross Country Bindings and Black Diamond Ascension Skins. This set is a great value and has everything you need to get sking right away. You can use them for both downhill and cross country sking.

Model: Fritischi Diamir bindings, Garmont G-lite, BLK Diamond Skins

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Hey I was wondering what length these things are. I’m curious as to what I can use these for. I’m more so interested in cross-country style and climbing and am curious if these could be used for that.


I'm sorry for the delayed response. I'm in the middle of a move right now so I can't tell you the length. You can use these skis for downhill and cross-county skiing. They come with the skins that will allow you to ascend as well. If you are interested it will be a few weeks before I can ship them due to them being packed right now. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me.


Wondering if you have determined the length of the skis?


they are 65” long and I believe that’s a size 168 but not positive


Very interested in this setup, I want to skin up my resort mountain (Cannon NH) and ski down, so I don't have to Telemark correct? I can lock the heel back in to go down the mountain? Also, women's 9 boots or mens? And if mens can the bindings be adjusted enough to accomdodate a women's boot? Thank you!!


That is correct. You can skin up and the bindings can be locked down for downhill. They are men's 9 and I believe they can be adjusted to accommodate a women's boot.


I don't need the boots, so if you think there's a market for them you may want to sell them separately? I need to do some research to see how adjustable the bindings are, as my understanding is outside of demo bindings the amount they can be adjusted once installed is pretty minimal. Let me do my homework on that, but if its possible this seems like exactly what I need!


Ok thank you


Hi Again! Coming back to this, because I'm really hoping I can make these skis work, if they are still available: Yes, all Fritschi bindings do come in different sizes, and the range of boot sizes a binding fits is indicated by the numbers printed on the binding rail, which show just behind the heel unit of the binding. These indicate the length of the boot sole in millimeters. So, find out what your friends boot sole length is, and look for a number in that range on the rear of your binding rail. If you see a number on the binding rail that’s close to their boot sole length, then you’re all set to make the sale. Know that some of the numbers will be under the heel unit, so you may have to move it forward or back to see them all. My boots are 288 Millimeters...hoping they will work! Can you check?


I’m so sorry. I’ve been out of town. I will get you the answer to your question.

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