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MRP Ramp Control Cartridge U Unisex 36 Float (2018

Ramp Control Cartridge Fox Model F, 36 Float (2018, all Travels) - Excellent


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Ramp Control Cartridge






Unisex 36 Float (2018





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Product Information

Product Condition: The Ramp Control Cartridge is in Excellent condition. The ramp is in excellent condition. The ramp was previously owned for approximately four weeks. The following observation has been made about this item: " The ramp control has signs of installation." Item sold as is. All warranties void.

Size: Unisex 36 Float (2018

Color: Fox Model F

Retail Cost: $139.95

Transitioning from lift laps to your favorite trail system usually means making some compromises in your fork's performance unless you've got the time and tools to fiddle with tokens at home. MRP's Ramp Control Cartridge looks to take the hassle out of ramp-up adjustments, replacing the token system for on-the-fly bottom out control that lets you adjust to the current terrain.

The Ramp Control Cartridge replaces the top cap and token assembly of current generation Rock Shox Pike, Lyrik, Yari, and Boxxer World Cup Solo Air forks. It takes up about the same space as a single token for similar ramp up when it's wide open, and adjusts from there for additional bottom-out support with 16 clicks of adjustability. This adjustability only impacts the end of the stroke, so you're able to maintain a supple initial feel and overall behavior of the fork with the damper and air pressure while tightening down big-hit capability as much or as little as you need.

The Model A is compatible with 2013-2016 Rock Shox Pike forks with 15 x 100mm axle spacing, as well as 2010 and newer Boxxer World Cup Solo Air forks. Model B is compatible with 2015 and newer Pike forks with 15 x 110mm Boost axles, all 2017 Pike forks, and all 2015 or newer Lyrik and Yari forks.

Ramp Control Cartridge (DWGAKKQ)

Tech Specs




Model A 2013-2016 Rock Shox Pike with 15x100mm axle, 2010 and newer Rock Shox Boxxer World Cup Solo Air, Model B 2015 and newer Rock Shox Pike with 15x110mm Boost axle, all 2017 Rock Shox Pike, all 2015 and newer Rock Shox Lyrik and Yari

Claimed Weight

1.9oz (55g)

Recommended Use

mountain bike



What model is it? There are many ? Description is different from title Please let me know which specific model is for sale so I don’t have to return it


Hi there! I apologize for the confusion. This listing is for the Fox model F,36 float. When we create listings on GearTrade, the Tech Specs get automatically imported from our Backcountry site where we sell different sizes, so sometimes you will see Tech Specs mentioning multiple sizes. The Product Condition section is the only part we really have control over editing, but the size in the title will be correct for the one we are selling in the listing.

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