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Selle italia C2 Genuine Gel Saddle M Male S

C2 Genuine Gel Saddle Black, S - Excellent


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C2 Genuine Gel Saddle






Male S





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Product Information

Product Condition: The C2 Genuine Gel Saddle is in Excellent condition. The Saddle - is in Excellent condition. The saddle was previously owned for approximately weeks. The following observation has been made about this item: "The saddle is very clean and scratch free. There are light clamp marks on the rails from brief use." Item sold as is. All warranties void.

Size: Male S

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $129.99

Sometimes you need more padding than a rock-hard racing saddle is able to provide. If this scenario sound all-too-familiar, you'll take a liking to Selle Italia's C2 Genuine Gel Saddle. It has manganese rails and a leather cover for durability, while the supportive gel padding keeps you comfortable mile after mile.

The comfort of the C2 saddle starts with its nylon shell. It's designed to provide plenty of support for pedaling all-day, but it has enough flex built-in to cancel out most chatter and road vibration. The targeting padding tells a similar story -- it's supportive, but with plenty of give. It starts with an extra dose of foam as compared to Selle Italia's race-driven saddles, and it's topped off with a thin layer of gel. The gel used here is a far cry from the seat covers that you've seen. Instead of feeling like a bar stool, the C2 uses just enough padding to take the sting out of the roughest roads and bumpiest trails. However, it's still firm enough to protect you from hot spots. Additionally, the shape of the saddle naturally directs your body weight towards the rear of the saddle where your sit bones are able to take the brunt of support. And to make this more comfortable, the C2 features a 136mm width -- that's around 5mm wider than the SLR linen of saddles.

Supporting the saddle itself are Selle Italia's Manganese Tube rails. These rails are lightweight, but they're also strong enough for off-road use. And on the topic of durability, the perforated leather cover not only breathes to keep you cool, but it's hard wearing and naturally abrasion-resistant.

The Selle Italia C2 Genuine Gel Saddle is available in a 136x276mm size and in the color Black.

C2 Genuine Gel Saddle (DWGAFDI)

Tech Specs


Manganese Tube 7mm





Seat Length

276 mm

Seat Width

136 mm

Claimed Weight

260 g

Recommended Use

road and mountain biking


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