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Volkl Revolt 87 M 185

**Practically New** 2020 Volkl Revolt 87 / Look Pivot 12


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Revolt 87











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Product Information

Skied for only one day!!! You wouldnt know these weren't brand new if it wasnt for a little bit of scuffing on the AFD and some topsheet hairs on the top of one ski (pictured). This ski is a ripper in and out of the park. Bindings are mount at rec to a 28.5 boot. Will happily remount if needed before shipping. Details below: 


Do you remember in old cartoons when a character would strap springs onto their feet and jump super high and high-five airplanes and stuff? That's kind of what it feels like to ride the Volkl Revolt 87 Skis. Based on a springy and lightweight aspen and maple wood core in a fully cambered shape, these things will bounce you to the moon if you load them up right. They're super fun to pop around wherever, but they were designed for X-Games podiums and have the laser focused freestyle skill set to get there. With a fully symmetrical shape for switch perfection, and Volkl s highest density P-Tex race base for maximum launch speeds, these sticks do it all in the park.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Full Camber – Sounds old school, but camber gives you the pop and power you need to go big.


Symmetric Twin Tip Shape – Fully symmetrical sidecut allows regular and switch riding with equal ease.


Multilayer Woodcore – The combination of aspen and maple results in an extremely durable wood core composed of hard wood in the binding area and lighter wood surrounding it.


Full Sidewall – Direct and strong power transmission with full length sidewalls.


P-Tex 4500 Base – A sintered, ultra-high molecular polyethylene base with an extremely high density. Besides a great wear resistance and perfect wax absorption, this base material is extremely fast and exclusively used on Volkl's top of the line and race models. The material has been upgraded with special additives to make it thermal and electro-conductive and proves its qualities with premium glide and maximum speed in races.

Binding Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.


The classic Look Pivot 12 GW Ski Bindings are the go-to choice of committed skiers worldwide, and known for their reliability and consistency of release. Look s elasticity is the best in the business, the turntable heel offers bombproof lateral security, and the shortened mounting pattern lets the ski flex as freely as possible. If classic design and superior retention are important to you, the few dollars more you'll spend for the Pivot 12 won't warrant a second thought.


Product Details

Toe Piece

180˚ Multi-Directional Release – A true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective multi-directional protection in the case of a fall.

Full Action Toe – Featuring 45mm of elastic travel and 180⁰ multi-directional release, the Full Action toe piece delivers best-in-class retention and release and increased coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission.

Dual Standard Concept (ISO 5355 Alpine and Gripwalk) – Look strategically reinforced the toe housing, increased the toe ramp, elongated the toe-wings, and created a toe that is compatible with both ISO 5355 Alpine and GripWalk soles.

Toe Lateral Elasticity – 45 mm

Heel Piece

Turntable Heel – Look’s unique turntable design rotates directly under the tibia for reduced risk of injury and provides 28mm of elastic travel to deliver unmatched shock absorption for significant reduction of pre-release.

Exceptional Vertical Elasticity – 28mm of elasticity in the heel (the most of any binding on the market) yields a reduction in unwanted pre-releasing.

Additional Features

Smaller Mounting Zone – The shortest mounting zone of any alpine binding available provides less swing weight, improved response, and a deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flex.

7 Points of Contact – More points-of-contact with the boot results in increased lateral energy transmission, drives more power to the edge of the ski and provides superior control, response, and snow feel.

Ski Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.


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