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Grivel G14 U NA

Grivel G-14 Crampons with Antibott and multiple extra new parts


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Grivel has gotten the semi-rigid design just right: thanks in large part to the horizontal framing.. The adjustable front points (two positions) penetrate hard ice remarkably well, and the offset monopoint needles and hooks thin ice and delicate mixed ground with equal aplomb. The frame adjusts manually (without tools) and the entire unit collapses down nicely for transport. These have the Crampomatic binding, Grivel’s step-in offering, which includes their unique curlycue toe bale (which worked well on a variety of welts), plus a bomber heel lever that is adjustable, and the added security of the stainless toe strap that threads with the ankle strap. The forged points penetrate hard ,ice better, with less vibration and offer the opportunity to combine vertical and horizontal axis. The front points are simple to configure allowing the user to build mono or dual point crampons and replace worn parts easily. These perform well on ice, mixed or alpine routes. Included are the crampons pictured (which sell for $250) with a monopoint set up. The other set of points that came with them (brand new) that can be used as replacements or as dual points. There is a package of an additional brand new pair of front points which sell for $90. The crampons have anitbotts on them to prevent balling up snow underfoot. There are 2 more brand new sets of Anitbotts with Accordeon for full underfoot protection. These sell for$50 a set, so a $100 value. Additionally there is an extra brand new set of spacers in case you lose a part changing things up at the ice. It sells for$15. Finally there is an Oregon Research crampon bag that is reinforced inside to protect your pack from the points. It is zippered and has been used a couple of times carrying these crampons and it sells for $30. The crampons have been out for a few ice climbs so they do have scratches on the points, but are in outstanding condition. All tools for changing and adjusting parts are included.

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