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Houdini Lana Jacket M SMALL

Houdini Women's Lana Jacket, size Small


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Lana Jacket











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Product Information

Lana Jacket takes the level of comfort in shell layers to a whole new level. The fabric in 100% tightly woven merino wool has natural wind- and water resistance and great breathability. It’s a perfect all year around shell garment for mountaineering, skiing, hiking or any other adventure. It’s a world innovation and a progressive alternative to synthetic shell garments.

Wool Shell, Lana’s fabric, is a light, densely woven 100% merino wool fabric. It doesn’t contain any synthetic blends, no coatings and no synthetic treatments. Just the pure power of nature itself. The tight weave and the natural fat in wool, lanolin, gives the fabric water- and wind resistant without having to add any hazardous chemicals.

It’s not only the performance in numbers that makes Lana different. It just feels incredible to wear compared to a synthetic shell. You can feel the natural tough of the fabric. It’s silent and adapts to the movement and heat of your body. In Lana you will become a part of nature. Nothing breaks the spell.

Lana Jacket is made in 100% merino wool, a renewable and biodegradable fiber, which makes this product completely circular. When your Lana Jacket is completely worn out it can be returned in the recycling units we have in all Houdini stores and at many of our retailers.

  • Regular fit
  • Made in 100% merino wool
  • Naturally wind- and water resistant
  • Soft and silent
  • Highly breathable
  • 2-way front zip
  • Hand and inner chest pockets
  • Circular: Made from renewable and biodegradable fibers
  • Weight 660 g

Fabrics and Technology

Main Fabric: Wool Shell™

100% super fine merino wool in a durable woven construction. This fabric offers something beyond an ordinary shell layer.

  • Origin: China
  • 100% super fine merino wool, 16µm
  • Weight: 245g/sqm
  • Mulesing free wool from Australia
  • 245g/sqm
  • Durable woven construction
  • Wind resistant by construction
  • Made from renewable and biodegradable finbers
  • Recyclable


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