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Orbea Avant M 53

Orbea Avant OMP Frameset - 53 CM


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Brand New, retails for $2400.

There are countless ways to build up a great endurance bike. With the Orbea Avant Performance frameset, you have lots of choices. Rim brakes, disc brakes, electronic shifting, mechanical shifting, with fenders, with racks, or just stripped down to the basics.

They decided to use OMP carbon, Orbea Monocoque Performance, for the material. They are masters of the mold, and the design is strong and light. The carbon is light, but with greater durability than the OMR carbon, as they figure durability is an important value for an endurance ride.

The gear choices are on top of the ride choices. Orbea designed the Avant as a comfortable do-everything bike, for aggressive fitness rides, fondos, personal epics, as well as a comfy, stylish ride. They did this by starting with their Orca, working with the strengths of the Orca, and then figuring out how to soften the edges, if you will. The bike has an aero head tube, fork, and down tube. For stiffness, the steerer tapers from 1 1/8” at the top to 1 ½” at the lower race. The aero down tube widens as it travels to the bottom bracket shell, which itself is wide, thanks to the BB86 bottom bracket standard employed. The cables run internally, which they call DCR, Direct Cable Routing, which is both aero and low-friction. The bike comes with both cable stops and grommets so you can choose to go either electronic or mechanical. The rear brake is a direct mount and under the bottom bracket. It does help a bit with aerodynamics and is proof there’s ample lateral stiffness.

But the brake’s position is more about the primary mandate about the bike. Comfort. Without needing to build the seat stays to accommodate a brake, they could remove material to make the stays more compliant. It’s of a piece with the seat tube, 27.2mm seat post, and tapered top tube. These flex in the vertical plane and help make the ride plush.

To complete the package, they designed the geometry to better accommodate a higher handlebar position. They shortened the top tube and heightened the head tube. And to further the long-riding comfort of the bike, they also lengthened the wheelbase and dropped the bottom bracket. The bike, by intention, is a great long-distance cruiser, great at handling rough roads, but still has the stiffness for going full gas.

While the bike looks great stripped down, they also thought about setting up fenders and racks, in case keeping wetness at bay and doing some light touring. So they designed in hidden rack mounts, which can be found under the fork tips and behind the dropouts. They also designed the aftermarket racks and fenders. They’re pretty slick.

The frameset comes with a headset, seat collar, and rear dropout shims. The shims make the rear spacing 130mm. Remove them, and the spacing goes to 135mm, perfect for disc brakes. The post mounts are designed for installing 160mm rotors in front, 140mm in rear.

The Orbea Avant Performance frameset is a canvas onto which you can paint your dream ride.



Was this bike part of the recall? https:www.cpsc.govRecalls2014orbea-recalls-avant-bicycles Has the fork been replaced? Also was this bike a teardown for the groupset or original frame and fork? I would likely need all of the frameset parts (plugs, guides, etc). Thanks


Thanks for your interest! I purchased the frameset brand new in 2017 from a bike shop and registered it with Orbea. Orbea has never reached out regarding a warranty recall. I can double check with them. I have never built this frameset up. It's only been taken out of the box in order to take photos and the fork and parts package have never been opened. You have everything you should need to build up a great bike! Consider this brand NOS. Let me know if you need confirmation from Orbea. Thanks!

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