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Product Condition: The Mini GPS Bike Computer is in Excellent condition. This item was previously owned for 2 weeks. All items sold as is, all warranties void. The following observations were made regarding this item: * Still has a new look. Looks clean. may have been tried out but not certain. No reports of defects. * No defects found. * Comes in the original; box but the box is slightly ripped in a couple places.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Black

Retail Cost: $99.99

Ever the tinkerers, Lezyne spent much of the last product cycle fiddling with its GPS designs, and not even the "simple" Mini GPS Bike Computer was left untouched. We set simple off in quotation marks because the Mini GPS is small, but its colossal data collection and route management abilities are rarely duplicated—even in much larger and more expensive models. And despite its Brobdignagian breadth of function, the Mini GPS remains one of the—yes—simplest, most intuitive GPS and training metric interfaces we've used.

The biggest change between model years is the advent of Bluetooth compatibility, which was previously only enjoyed by its decidedly non-mini stablemates like the Super and Power GPS models. This update makes the Mini GPS a full-fledged head unit, giving it wireless access to power meters, heartrate monitors, and any other ancillary device that speaks Bluetooth. It also means that, though there may be GPS units or wired speed and cadence computers that are lighter than it is, the Mini GPS is virtually unchallenged as a GPS head unit—especially considering that anything that comes close to this level of functionality will likely cost much more.

With Bluetooth comes the link to the ever-present smartphone, and the Mini GPS takes advantage by using Lezyne's Ally app in order to provide the kind of smart services that let us turn off our own head units and shuttle all the blood to our legs. With Lezyne Ally you can enable live tracking for anyone who wants to follow your ride, get live segment alerts from Strava, translate ride maps into turn-by-turn prompts, and sync with third party sites like Strava (of course) and TrainingPeaks. It also displays text and call notifications, but—to be perfectly honest—we'd typically rather just focus on the road.

The new Mini GPS's less pronounced additions include a "return" button, which helps to navigate the Mini GPS's expanded menus and functions, and one addition by subtraction bears mentioning: the Mini GPS loses a single gram of claimed weight for the new year, celebrating Lezyne's 10 year GPS anniversary in enviable style. One gram's not much, sure, but when you consider the Mini GPS's expanded functionality and the fact that it was already one of the lightest computers available, the fact that Lezyne found one more tick on the scale is a testament to the brands obsessive R&D.

Other than the above additions, the Mini GPS's ride mapping features carry over from last year, demonstrating once again that this head unit is mini in stature only. Its out-sized feature list includes displaying speed, three different ride-related times, trip distance, odometer distance, elevation gains and losses, current elevation, laps, temperature, battery life, and even the strength of the GPS signal it's using to track all of that. In short, it's virtually every measurement you need to map yourself on a bike.

It has the capacity to store up to 100 hours of this data, and it now collects data for 12 hours at a time instead of 10. If you're unit is approaching full or you're just anxious to compile your numbers, the GPS Mini plugs into any USB port with a provided cable. Your ride stats can then be uploaded, automatically mapped, and converted to an analyzable data set on the free database on Lezyne's homepage. That site made the previous Mini GPS's data dumps among the simplest that we've come across; the latest generation's Bluetooth connectivity makes them even easier.

The high-resolution display may lack the bling of colorful touchscreen options, but it also doesn't wash out under sunlight and has a backlight function for those days when you get caught under a spring storm or are just out for a late spin after work. You can also toggle between km and miles in the menu, which eliminates the need to laboriously pore over giant, unfolding, multi-language manuals or perform complex button hold maneuvers in order to check your trip distance in metric terms. All of this functionality perches securely atop your bar or stem with Lezyne's included X-Lock bracket.

Less is more. (DWGA2VI)

Tech Specs




Heart Rate Monitor

Technical Features


yes, Bluetooth

Operating System





Battery Type

lithium polymer

Battery Life

12 hours

Low Battery Indicator


Mount Type

handlebar, stem




1.33 x 1.89 x 1 in

Claimed Weight

29 g

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