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Nomad Splitboard Skins + Quick Tension Tail Clips Grey, H - Good


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Nomad Splitboard Skins + Quick Tension Tail Clips






Unisex H





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Product Information

Product Condition: The Nomad Splitboard Skins + Quick Tension Tail Clips is in Good condition. Has been opened and looks like there was no tags. SOLD AS IS

Size: Unisex H

Color: Grey

Retail Cost: $219.95

Jones created the Nomad Splitboard Skins with Quick Tension Tail Clips to balance outright traction on steeps with low-friction glide across mellow alpine meadows. This particular version of the Nomad Splitboard Skins comes with Quick Tension Tail Clips, which secure into the notched tails found on 2016 and newer Jones Splitboards. The Quick Tension Tail Clip is redesigned for this season, sliding securely into the notched tail with its durable rubber strap and compact metal clip. For sizing, please consult the tech specs to find the pre-cut skins (sizes A - I) that correspond with your Jones Splitboard.

Made from a mixture of 70% mohair and 30% synthetic nylon fibers, the Nomad Pro strikes the sweet spot between glide and grip when you're skinning up a mixture of meadows and steep terrain during your backcountry tour. Both fibers are coated with an EVER DRY anti-glopping treatment that prevents frozen snow from sticking to warm skins, which is especially helpful in springtime when you're encountering a mixture of different conditions, depending on the slope aspect relative to the sunshine. They're also equipped with Grip Tech, which works well under the dynamic loads, twisting, and abrasion common when you're touring.

The Nomad Skins come with a pair of attached Quick Tension Tail Clips, two backing sheets, a skin cutter, storage bag, and cheat sheet for making them easier to pull apart.

Nomad Splitboard Skins with Quick Tension Tail Clips (DWNZYR3)

Tech Specs


70% mohair, 30% nylon

Tail Attachment

Quick Tension Tail Clips


[A] Women's Solution 148cm, 152cm, 156cm, Dream Catcher Split 145cm, 148cm, 151cm, 154cm, [B] Carbon Solution 158cm, 161cm, Solution 154cm, 158cm, 161cm, [C] Hovercraft Split 152cm, 156cm, Ultracraft Split 152cm, 156cm, Mind Expander Split 154cm, 158cm, [D] Carbon Solution 164cm, Solution 164cm, Aviator Split 156,cm 160cm, Explorer Split 152cm, 156cm, 159cm, 162cm, Mountain Twin Split 157cm, 160cm 161cm, [E] Hovercraft Split 160cm, Ultracraft Split 160cm, [F] Carbon Solution 162cm, Solution 162cm, 166cm, Aviator Split 164cm, [G] Carbon Solution 165cm, Solution 159cm, 165cm, Explorer Split 158cm, 161cm, 164cm, [H] Solution 169cm, [I] Storm Chaser 147cm, 152cm, 157cm

Skin Savers Included

2 backing sheets

Case Included

skin bag

Claimed Weight

[A] 15.7oz, [B] 1lb 0.58oz, [C] 1lb 1.28oz, [D] 1lb 2.7oz, [E] 1lb 4.11oz, [F] 1lb 5.16oz, [G] 1lb 6.58oz, [H] 1lb 7.99oz, [I] 1lb 4.11oz

Recommended Use

backcountry snowboarding



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These skins were owned for 5 days. They have not been trimmed.

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