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Men's Mountaineering Boots Product Information

Sellilng my much loved Batura 2.0s.  I have used them in Alaska, Rainier, Whitney, Shasta, Hood and ice climbing in the Wind River Range and they have never let me down.  They no longer fit me due to a nasty leg/ankle fracture last year.  I have wide feet and Sportivas always fit a little narrow. After my injury my feet are no longer the same size so these don't fit.  Well, I mean they fit one foot but not the other so that doesn't do me much good.  They are a few years old but well taken care of.  Lots of life left.  There is one small crampon hole in the outer gaiter that has been reparied with seam sealer.  I attached a link at the bottom for a review of the boots.  -rob

QUESTION: Sir, could you give me some insight on the inner sole measuresize? Thanks!

ANSWER: I’m happy to give you as much info as possible but I’m not sure what you’re asking. They’re a size 45 1

QUESTION: Oh I'm sorry my bad. I would like to know the length in cm of the inner sole of the shoe so as to compare it with the length of my feet. Thanks!

ANSWER: I pulled out the insole. It measures about 11 9

QUESTION: Good afternoon sir. Would you be willing to sell these boots for $150?

ANSWER: I feel like $300 is a really good price for these boots but I would do $200.

QUESTION: Thanks for the response. What do you think of splitting the difference

ANSWER: I’m not good at math but I think splitting the different would have been $225. I came down $85 to $200. Only asking you to come up $50.

QUESTION: Sorry my message got cut in half. I meant splitting between $150 and $200, say $175. Would you consider $180? Thanks sir.

ANSWER: I think $200 is the lowest I can go. That’s a pretty big discount from what I was asking.

QUESTION: Ok, could you tell me if the crampon only damaged the gaiter and not the inner boot? Thanks

ANSWER: Just the gaiter. The inner boot is fine. It was more of a snag.

QUESTION: Alright, if you could enable the "make an offer" button I will submit $200

ANSWER: It should be working. I have allowed offers and it works for me when I log out and go to the listing.

QUESTION: Sir, I dont see where I should pay this. I didnt get any email


QUESTION: Dont know what happened, I tried to click buy now but it says that the item is already sold. Could you confirm? Thanks


QUESTION: Just writing to say that I completed the purchase. Thank you for your patience sir. Hope you have a great week



La Sportiva
La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX
71% Off$200


Bartura 2.0

45 1/2
Avg. Ship Time
42 Hours
Flat Rate $20

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