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Hard Corps

HARD CORPS Onsie One Piece Ski Snowmobile Snowboard Suit, Size 44 LRG


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This is by far my favorite and warmest peice out of my ski outfit collection. It is warm as hell, with the ability to unzip and get some nice cool breezes running into my jacket when it gets a little warm. When I bought this onsie it was like it had never been worn. Still after having it for about 2 years, maybe wearing it 10 times, it still is in mint condition. Colors are not fading, and don't lie to yourself, they are some hip colors, blue/purple lets call it "blurple," with some bright yellow and red outlining the main blurple color of the jacket; lets just say your friends will not loose you on the hill. So now that you are looking good, that doesn't mean you compromised on its ability to withstand -20 degree days, snowmobiling at 40 mph, and my favorite, staying warm while outside in a blizzard having some beers with your crew. Seriously this onsie is the best one I have ever found, and if it was not for me getting married and agreeing to sell some of my gear so we can work towards buying a new house, this stellar piece of winter gear would not leaving me. Asking 140, will entertain


Boot Gators

10 deep pockets

Integrated belt, with metal belt buckle


Shoulder Pads(Original With New Jacket)

Under Arm Zipper Vents for when you need a little breeze to cool ya down from that steller run bra

Size-44 which is like a large. I am 5'11 and weight 185-195 depending on how much I have drank and eaten in the past week ;) I put a couple phots of me wearing it so you can see how it fits with the info about my sizing above. 

All buttons and zippers are functional and all there

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