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Ice Tools Product Information

Grivel North Machine Carbon Ice Tools. Both with hammer.  The North Machine is a lightweight technical tool designed with the most ambitious alpinist in mind. Made of aerospace composite with the finely tuned Ice Plus blade designed for climbing the north faces where ice and mixed terrain are found. The North Machine's carbon composite shaft offers no compromise over quality allowing greater strength and rigidity. This is made possible by the type of reinforcement and the orientation of the carbon fibers. The North Machine is delivered with the Ice Plus blade which has a hammer or adz option. Or you can buy it with the Ice blade without hammer or adz option. It also accepts the optional Mixed blade. Weight: 560 grams 19.75 ounces with hammer

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QUESTION: Is the hammer removable? I am guessing its not.

ANSWER: It is removable. It does leave a nasty little 1" metal nub protruding from the back end of your tool. So I'd recommend maybe buying a Grivel Vario Blade system if you want to be able to remove them.

QUESTION: So are the blanks you mention here vario blades? I only see vario blades on Grivel website and not sure who makes hammer blades that I see in your post.

ANSWER: These have the older Ice Blade and Ice Blade Hammer attachments, both made by Grivel. But the Vario System is the new design that allows for changing between blanks, adze, and hammer quite easy.

QUESTION: I just placed an order, please ship them with blanks.

ANSWER: Will do!

QUESTION: hi,I just ordered the pair grivel carbon north machines, would it be possible for me to get two of those in the ice blade configuration(the one's that DONT have the option to add on a hammer or adze)? Thanks

ANSWER: https:www.geartrade.comitem634695grivel-ice-blades-pair-non-vario-for-technorth-machines-758042

QUESTION: The photo shows a single hammer next to "neutered" version. Are you selling a pair of hammers as per the description?

ANSWER: Yes, we had both the blanks and the hammers and we sold the blank versions. I only have the pairs of hammers left.


Grivel North Machine Carbon Ice Tool (756031) (Pair)
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North Machine Carbon

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