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Bike Bottoms Product Information

Product Condition: The LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights - Men's is in Good condition. This item was previously owned for a couple weeks. The following observations were made regarding this item:

*Comes in the original box.

*There are no rips or tears.

*The material isn't stained or faded.

*There is hair all over.

*All items are sold as is. All warranties are VOID.

Size: Male XS

Color: Blockblack

Retail Cost: $349.00

Your trusty Assos T.tiburu_s7 shorts and knickers are perfect for chilly fall days and early spring rides, but sometimes winter calls for more protection. Get covered with the Assos Men's LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights, which feature the soft, weather-blocking elements of their shorter counterparts but with full leg protection against the snow and cold.

The main fabric in these tights is Assos' RX Medium. RX Medium features a brushed lining for warmth, comfort, and wicking and Assos' own water repellent technology on the exterior to fend off drizzle. These tights also incorporate a panel of wind resistant Stratagon Ultra fabric in the front crotch and lower abdomen. Assos is calling this feature BlasenSchutz, which translates literally to "blow protection," suggesting windproof qualities, but which Assos translates as "bladder protection." Assos claims that the extra protection keeps you from having to urinate while riding in cold weather, but we can't repeat that in good conscious without acknowledging that we're not sure if it's true or not. What we can say about BlasenSchutz is that the extra panel protects your core from wind chill — a feature that needs no additional bladder-related justification.

The insert is the same featured in the race-level T.equipe_s7 shorts. It boasts the same 8mm of memory foam — which "fills the gaps" while your body moves through the pedaling motion — and it incorporates a perforated waffle layer — which provides ventilation and a more forgiving ride. It also has the goldenGate feature, where the center sides of the chamois aren't stitched to the tights' body. This means that the chamois has that much more freedom to move with you while you pedal rather than staying stationery while you move across it. The chamois also benefits from another Assos invention, integrated front pad protection, which means that the chamois isn't sewn into the front but actually extends to the end of the panel, eliminating seams in what we can all agree is a very sensitive area.

For the little details, Assos adds a pocket at the back of the LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights to hold small essentials, media players, or a radio, and comfy elastic at the ankles holds the tights themselves in place. Reflective elements at the ankles add a bit of stylish flair while increasing visibility to motorists in low-light and dreary conditions.

Reinforcement against the cold. (DWNZPAI)
Material: RX Medium, [front panel] Stratagon Ultra
Fit: form-fitting
Length: full-length
Chamois: yes
Chamois Thickness:
Bib: yes
Pockets: 1 rear
Reflective: yes, reflective elements
UPF Rating:
Claimed Weight:
Recommended Use: cycling
LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights - Men's Blockblack, XS - Good
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LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights

Male XS
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