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Klic Analog Floor Pump w/ Tubeless Canister Silver,One Size - Good


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Klic Analog Floor Pump w/ Tubeless Canister











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Product Information

Product Condition: The Klic Analog Floor Pump w/ Tubeless Canister is in Good condition. This item was previously owned. The following observations were made regarding this item:

*There are no holes or rips on the material.

*The material is not stained or faded from use.

*All buckles work properly.

*Original tags and packaging missing.

*Item has a distinct smell.

*All items are sold as is,warranty is void.

Size: Unisex One Size

Color: Silver

Retail Cost: $200.00

So you're finally done cursing and struggling to get your tires inflated and working up a sweat even before your ride begins, or you have some tough to seat tubeless tires and need a quick blast of air without roaching all of your C02's. Well, you're in the right place because Crank Brothers' Klic Analog Floor Pump w/ Tubeless Canister will have you pumping up your tires like a pro and have all of your riding buddies hitting you up to use its burst tank feature for new tubeless tire setups. It's an amazing thing to behold, earning it a Design & Innovation Award for 2018 with its sleek body, a top-mounted analog gauge for easy viewing, and retracting hose that stays out of the way when it's in the workshop or your vehicle. And unlike other pumps with an extra tubeless chamber, this one is modular so you can remove it from the pump when it's not needed.
One feature that we really like is the unique pressure gauge and hose combination that stores inside the handle. To achieve this, it has the ability to install directly to the top of the Quick Connect valve on the burst tank or pump with high powered magnets that makes a reassuring "klic" (get it?) sound when connected. This design keeps the hose stashed out of the way where it won't get damaged during transport, and makes the pump very minimal for storing. The valve chuck works with both Presta and Schrader valves, and threads on securely to the valve, so it won't have the chuck popping off mid pump, requiring a buddies' extra hand or a new yoga move on your behalf. The lightweight aluminum base is very high quality and looks great while shedding some weight. It’s a treat to use and you'll enjoy using it to top off tires at the trailhead or if you need to quickly and easily swap tubeless tires at the ever-changing conditions at a 'cross race. We found that the pump is ideal for all cyclists as it can achieve pressures up to 160 psi.
Start the ride off right. (DWNZOKO)

Tech Specs



Valve Type

presta, schader

Max Pressure


Recommended Use

inflating bike tires



Pic of actual pump please. The item condition description doesn't fit the pump, e.g. "all the buckles work properly" Does the burst tank still hold a charge and inflate well enough to seat a tubeless tire? The universal head for presta schrader still seals? Gauge still works accurately and the hose doesn't leak and is still attached?


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