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Uncharted Supply Co. Hiking Waterproof Backpack - SEVENTY2 Shell


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Brand New Uncharted Supply Co. Hiking Waterproof Backpack - SEVENTY2 Shell

"Comfortable to carry. Rugged as the roughest terrain. Our waterproof backpack shell combines military-grade toughness with a lightweight feel that’s perfect for hiking and traveling. This is the same backpack that’s used in our Seventy2 Survival System, but without the insert and supplies. Use it to build your own survival kit, or enjoy having a waterproof daypack for everyday use.

We built the waterproof backpack to be strong and long-lasting:

  • Sturdy, one-piece construction

  • Woven from 600D tarpaulin

The backpack is entirely waterproof, due to its:

  • 100% polyurethane shell

  • Waterproof zipper

  • Sealed seams

It’s so airtight, you can even use it as a flotation device.

We didn’t sacrifice comfort for strength. Wear the waterproof backpack shell from our Seventy 2 Survival System for miles on end in total comfort. Both the shoulder straps and hip straps are padded and adjustable.

We incorporated ventilation in the shoulder straps and in the back to improve your airflow and keep you comfortable while you’re traveling. 

This is the perfect waterproof hiking backpack. There are hands-free flashlight mounts so you can freely use your arms for gripping and balance. The backpack also features reflective materials to keep you visible in any location, day or night.

Additionally, we designed the waterproof backpack shell with:

  • 48 L storage capacity

  • 3 pockets

  • 6 side loops for attaching additional gear

Protect your gear with the waterproof shell from our Seventy 2 Survival System, and make your journey safe and smooth."

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Hi, I'm wondering if you have any of the items that came with this bag. In particular it came originally with two pom pom beanies I was looking to replace this bag and those beanies. Do you happen to have the beanies? If so, any chance you'd be willing to sell those also or separately?



Hey, any chance you have any of the gear that came with this bag? There is a beanie that came with this kit that I was looking to replace (lost itleft it when traveling). Thanks!


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