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Overnight Backpacks (2000-2999 cu in) Product Information

Dana Astroplane size L never used. Dana Terraplane size L and Dana Bridger (awesome pack) Overkill size m/l. All 3 packs are in excellent shape. No tears or abrasion markings. Get all 3 packs for $250!

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QUESTION: Hi there. Is this pack still available? and total price (3 packs) is $250, right?

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay. Yes the 3 pack bundle is still available. Correct, all 3 packs $250 dollars.

QUESTION: I sent you 275 already. Check it and let me know.

ANSWER: I'm a wreck with this site. Please text me 9144246284 to coordinate.

QUESTION: when will you ship the PACKS?

ANSWER: Shipped today. Tracking added.

QUESTION: Hey, Where did you send the package? Delivery Address is Carson. CA,not Olathe.KS I don't know why this happend.But you should. Let me know How handle this.

ANSWER: Post office sent it to wrong address. If you are still interested let me know. The post office retrieved the package and I now have it back.

QUESTION: Can you send me some other new pics of the packs, not the pics you posted already

ANSWER: Hi! 2 weeks ago the pack bundle was sold to a man in CA. I shipped it to the correct address (thank God I took photos) but usps sent it to the correct city but wrong address. Buyer didn't want to wait for reshipment so the bundle is now up for sale. I had to finagle 2 boxed cut into one to package the packs together. I'm truly dreading opening the box and repacking. I can assure you all 3 packs are in excellent condition. If your serious about purchasing let me know.

QUESTION: Hey, Are you kidding? What are you saying now?

ANSWER: No I'm not kidding. That's what happened to the package. It's been returned to me and I have to resell again.

QUESTION: If you have the packs,I want see the new pics anyway,not the pics you posted already.

ANSWER: I do have the packs. If the pics aren't good enough then I guess any new pics wont be as well. Great deal ... but move along if you feel inclined too.

QUESTION: If you can not show me the pics, can you show me a original tag attached on the box, not the old one

ANSWER: Sure. I will send you all. Give me an email address.


ANSWER: I sent you the image you requested but your email rejected the message.

QUESTION: My email is ( I am waiting for your pics.

ANSWER: Your email refused my message.

QUESTION: Hey, I received and receiving all messages or e-mails via this email address from all over the world. Why only your message was refused? Ok, Here is one solution. Please repost your packs by new pics on this site. Can you do that? Why only

ANSWER: I cant answer why your email refused mine. I sent it from a government email. I have no block on mine. it's from a police department. text cell is 914 424 6284. I will text you pictures.

QUESTION: I sent email to your cell phone and wait for the pics.

ANSWER: I've answered multiple times. If you'd like to purchase the packs please do. If not let's move along. There are 6 pictures posted. What exactly are you looking for

QUESTION: can I buy Bridger only

ANSWER: Sorry...bundle sale. Long crazy story but they were sold already and post office delivered to wring address. Everything is still in 1 package.

QUESTION: Would you sell for $200 shipped to zip 83864, North Idaho

ANSWER: Shipping is about 65. I would do 265 shipped. Or 200 plus actual shipping. Oversize box is 26lbs. 914 424 6284 if you want to work that out and come back to the site to finalize Qaa!

QUESTION: Is this still available?



Dana Designs
Dana Design Pack Bundle
79% Off$250


Astraplane Terraplane and Bridger

Not rated
Avg. Ship Time
57 Hours
Flat Rate $25

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