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Bike Jerseys Product Information

Product Condition: The nS.superLeggera Jersey - Sleeveless - Women's is in Excellent condition. This jersey is lightly used. It has no defects. There is a small cluster of seven small black stains on the front, the longest is about an inch and the smallest is the size of a pen tip. There is another small black stain on the right side, smaller than a dime. And one small black stain on the back, about half an inch long. Other than that it is in excellent condition with factory tags attached.

Size: Female L

Color: White Panther

Retail Cost: $149.00

When Assos introduces a new product, it does not do so with a single graphic or fabric treatment, but as an advanced piece of apparel with technological substance built directly into its construction. And with the latest iteration of its superlight sleeveless jersey, you receive just that. The Assos nS.superLeggara Sleeveless Jersey brings the next generation of Assos' ultra-versatile tops to your arsenal of cycling apparel, using proprietary materials and the greatest of in-house technologies. Wear it on its own for warmer riding conditions, or as a layering piece in combination with a long sleeve jersey for cool weather. Either way, you get the latest blend of Assos' fabrics and design details wrapped into a sleek sleeveless jersey design.

The nS.superLeggera sleeveless jersey is constructed from five textiles, 19 patterns, and 12 components. The front panels use a heavier proprietary custom fabric called .vX121. Assos made the front thicker for insulation and wind-blocking where your torso needs it most. Moisture wicking is primarily regulated by the rear and side panels of the jersey. These side panels are made with a four-way contour stretch fabric for proper, body-mimicking fit and moisture transfer capabilities. Assos knows perspiration collects in high concentrations at these areas of the torso, which is why it targeted the panels with this lightweight, breathable fabric. On the rear of the jersey, there's a center panel running from the neck to the waist hem. This is a stabilizer panel with intentionally limited vertical stretch. The stabilizer panel acts as the spine of the jersey, and its function is to provide the Assos signature "click-on" fit. This fit braces the top as a whole, creating a supportive foundation that the complementary fabric panels build off of. Additionally, the spine prevents sagging from loaded pockets, and it also promotes horizontal stretch in order to follow the body in motion. The collar, armholes, and back of the neck are all made of the same stretchy, two-layer mesh material for soft wicking comfort.

The jersey incorporates an entirely new pattern design that was created for the sleeveless riding application. The nS.superLeggera is pre-shaped and uses curved fabric panels that adapt to the female body's riding position. The jersey has a full-length front zipper, three rear pockets, a front safety pocket, and has a permanent antibacterial treatment. The nS.superLeggera is also able to be coupled with an Assos interactive body insulator to work as a spring vest. Once again, versatility is the key ingredient with the nS.superLeggara.

Sleeveless comfort in any condition. (DWNZGJR)
Material: [body] 70% polyester, 25% nylon, 5% elastane
Fit: anatomic paneled
Zip: full-length
Season: spring/summer
UPF Rating: 50+
Pockets: 3 rear, 1 front
Recommended Use: road cycling

QUESTION: are stains washableremovabl;e?

ANSWER: We are unaware of the exact cause of the staining, so we cannot guarantee the damage can be removed completely. It may be possible to reduce the appearance, but the item is sold as-is.


nS.superLeggera Jersey - Sleeveless - Women's White Panther,L - Excellent
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nS.superLeggera Jersey

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