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Boemos Mens boot M 11.5

Boemos mens hiking boots


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Worn just one time. I need a taller boot with more calf support. Paid $280 new. The darker finish on the suede of the toe region and heel area has that distressed "lived in look" from the factory. These areas are not worn, just manufactured that way to give them a certain "worn" patina look. These boots are in virtually in brand new condition and show absolutely no signs of wear or tear.



Hi. What might be the best price your could sell me your BOEMOS MENS HIKING BOOTS for and when could you ship it? I live in Santa Cruz, CA. We are going to Yosemite on July 8, 2020 so I was just wondering if I could afford your shoe and could I get them by that date.


Hi, I'd sell them for $60 instead of $80. And yes, I'm sure they could definetly be there before the 8th. with some form of expedited shipping. Please know that the expedited shipping would be totally on you if you wanted the boots.


Thank you so much. The shoes are for my son. He's asleep and will probably wake up around 11:00 a.m. I want him to approve. I will contact you shortly thereafter. I sincerely appreciated your efforts.


Gear Trades website is not working correctly today. I can't even find the boots in my own account to edit the price for you. I emailed geartrade but they have not gotten back to me. If you want you can try calling me at 2037330052


Ok David. I will buy the shoes now. Thanks


UPS would be easier for me. At this point I could not drop off till Monday morning.


David: When i tried to buy shoes the price came up as $90.00. Please let me know how we should go about this. Manuel


I can go into the system and lower the price, but how will you handle the additional cost of expedited shipping so they'll arrive before the 8th?


David: do you think you should lower the price to $75 And hope that the $15 will cover the shipping cost


No sure if this went through the first time or not. Expedited shipping to arrive before the 8th. could cost $30 to $50 (just guessing) Are you sure you qant to spend that much on shipping?


Hi. No, I do not want to spend that much on delivery. Pls just send regular. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Hopefully, they’ll go out today So, let me know if I pay. The site still says 90


Hi, never heard back from you last week and it looks like you decided not to purchase the boots. Just wanted to confirm you were not purchasing and I am not shipping this morning. Thank you.


Hi. I'm so sorry. I'm at work trying to juggle multiple things. So I will buy them at $60.00 plus price for regular shipping. You site says $10.00 for regular shipping. If you like, I can look up the shipping price if you tell me how you will ship. Also, the geartrade site will says $90.00. Will that change to reflect both the purchase price and shipping.


Sure, UPS would be easier for me. I could do it first thing Monday morning.


David: Hi. So another option is that I could email you a UPS shipping label. You just take the shoes in a box to UPS and they'll ship to me. I would just pay you the $60.00 via the geartrade site. If that works, please let me know what you think the shoes weigh so I can pay you and create the label.


I was finally able to access the item in my account and adjust the price to $60 Also, it's almost 4:00 pm on the east coast and I doubt I could make the post office today. If you decide to purchase I most likely would not be able to mail till Monday morning.

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