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Storage Ski Racks

Storage Ski Rack


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Hardwood Storage Ski Rack




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Product Information

Have a ski for every occasion? Storage Ski Racks will help organize your equipment in the garage. The racks are handcrafted from hardwood and finished with a cherry stain.  The Storage Ski Racks are simple in design, solid, durable and easy to install. Two arms extend from a spine that is fastened into a wood wall stud with wood screws. Skis may be thrashed on the slopes, but the Storage Ski Racks will keep your home from getting thrashed by your skis.

Here are instructions on how to install a Storage Ski Rack.


Step 1: Remove contents from box
Ski Rack
3 - 10X2.5 Wood screws
3 - Wooden caps for covering screw holes

Step 2: Find a position in your garage or home for the rack by locating an open space and stud in the wall using a stud finder (stud finder not included).

Step 3: Position ski rack on the wall with the arms extending outward after wooden stud is located.
Determine desired height of the ski rack. Make sure that there is enough distance to the ground so that skis may hang freely.
Vertically align ski rack with a level to hit wood with both screws.
Use a pencil to mark the wall through the upper and lower screw holes

Step 4: Prepare wall for wood screws
Make an indentation with the wood screw where the pencil marks are. This will serve as a guide for drilling upper and lower pilot holes into the wall.
Use a drill and a sized-1/8? drill bit to make upper and lower pilot holes where the indentations were made. The drilled holes will make fastening the rack to the wall easier by making a path for the screws to follow (drill and drill bit are not included).

Step 5: Fasten the rack to the wall; flat part against the wall and arms extending outward.
Hold up the rack with one hand with the flat part of the rack against the wall.
Place a wood screw through the upper hole of the rack and into the upper hole on the wall and screw tight to the wall.
Repeat for the lower hole. Place the wood screw through the lower hole of the rack and into the lower pilot hole in the wall. Tighten screws until the rack is fastened securely to the wall.

Step 6: Finishing touches ? Almost there
Place wooden caps over screw holes.
Place your skis in the rack by inserting them sideways and hanging them with the tips up from the two arms. You?re done.

Step 7: Congratulations, your home is now more organized and your skis love you for giving them a place to rest. Ptarmigan Ski Racks are intended only for storing skis. The Ptarmigan Ski Rack is design to hold three pairs of alpine skis up to a total of 40 lbs.



I was wondering if this item could be used also to hold snowboards? And if so how many do you think would fit in one rack?


Thanks for the questions. It can hold two boards. Just match two boards together (base-to-base) and fasten them together with straps at the tip and tail. The boards can then be hung from the tip or tail. A rack could hold two boards. Thanks,

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