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External Frame Packs Product Information

external frame dana design K2 loadmaster terraframe backpack size regular spruce color. used once on a 6 hour day hike, otherwise new. (perfect) is complete with manual and medium hip belt. per manual, size regular fits people 5'8" and smaller. see this url. remember this is a REGULAR SIZE i think this pack fits a 15 - 19 inch torso. see the following link for fitting information. (see loadmaster) regarding shipping charge - this item is expensive to ship! For example from Folsom, CA, to Tucson, AZ. shipping is 80 dollars. 

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QUESTION: What torso size (s) does it fit.

ANSWER: based on the following chart (see link) i think it fits a 15-19 inch torso length.http:

QUESTION: How about $110 shipped

ANSWER: what is your zip code for shipping

QUESTION: Is this still available

ANSWER: yes. but shipping is $$

QUESTION: Where are you located? The example you gave was for Folsom, Ca. I'm in California and close to Folsom, I could come pick it up.

ANSWER: I live in Folsom near 50. Sure, you can pick it up. Awesome. Could meet at Starbucks.

QUESTION: Is this still available?

ANSWER: yes. shipping is expensive.

QUESTION: Still available. Live in Georgetown Indiana Zip is 47122

ANSWER: The pack is still available. Shipping is $$.

QUESTION: Is this still available? I can pick it up in Folsom. Can't tell if it's a Longbed or Shortbed model. Sending this 04252019.

ANSWER: It is slightly too small for me, i have a 43 inch chest and am 5'8" tall. It is available.

QUESTION: Not trying to be difficult, but your shipping rate is a bit, shall we say..."heavy" handed!? I've shipped these from North Carolina to California for less than half of what your asking. Perhaps you could reconsider your shipping info, or at least check your scale friend.

ANSWER: i came up with the shipping estimate by handing the pack to a fedex person and asked what it would cost me to ship to East coast. If you know a better way let me know i would like to sell it.

QUESTION: Is this still available? In in NY and I am interested if you still got it.

ANSWER: yes still available problem is shipping is $$. if you know of a way to ship it cheap let me know.

QUESTION: Hmm, what's with the price increase from $40.00 to $150.00? If you don't want to sell it, wouldn't it be easier to remove it than increase the price by 275 percent? Oh, and you asked me about how to ship it for less, this is what I always did. "Hello, I always made my own box by cutting one down so that it just fit inside with a piece of pipe insulation on the top and bottom end portion of the frame. One time I removed the top part and placed in the pack bag; same can be done with the bottom, and the belt can be pressed into the box or removed and laid flat against the length of the bag to reduce the profile as well. I sent mine via UPSinsured and it never cost me more than half of your quote flat rate shipping. Not trying to be difficult, but you did ask friend...

ANSWER: THank you for the info. The price got raised by a customer, not me. heshe offered me 150 dollars, i checked accept, and the amount got raised!. we will see, this is new to me

QUESTION: So, someone offered you $150.00 for a pack they could of had for $140.00, and then your add was changed by the customer??? Sounds very odd, perhaps you should contact an administrator to check into that friend.

ANSWER: i think admin must have taken out his message. i do not see it. waiting for other shoe to drop...

QUESTION: That's funny...I'll hold the other shoe for now lol! Hope you do well with it friend. Good blessings to ya. By the way, you could easily sell this for the new asking price on another forum I won't name, but you'd never get the asking price for shipping.

ANSWER: back to 40

QUESTION: Hey, It says you accepted my offer but says the pack is sold out? I'm not sure how this works. Thanks



Dana Design (Original)
external frame dana design K2 loadmaster terraframe backpack
91% Off$30


K2 loadmaster terraframe

Avg. Ship Time
31 Hours
Flat Rate $100

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