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About Geartrade's Used Hiking + Camping Gear: Good as UnNew on Geartrade

There are so many ways to get outside, whether a quick local hike, a longer overnight adventure, or a multi-day backpacking trip. Whatever your preference, we have everything you need to set your adventures up for success.

For day hikes, we have perfectly sized backpacks, hydration packs, GPS watches, and sunglasses.

If you’re a weekend warrior and love overnight camping, we’ve got you covered! We know that sleeping outdoors can be tough if you aren’t comfortable, which is why we have a wide range of down and synthetic sleeping bags, sleeping pads, hammocks, bivys, and tents—including ever-popular three-season tents.

If you’ve considered perfecting your gourmet camp meals, we have cookware, stoves, and lighting so you can keep your focus on the mise en place. And to make it all comfy, browse our camping furniture, camp tables, and camp chairs. Then all you’ll have to do is kick back and enjoy s’mores by the fire.

For those who want more deep-in-nature time, we have the backpacking essentials. You’ll find ithere, UnNew and gently used, whether it’s navigation tools to keep you on the trail or water treatment to keep you safely hydrated.

Got more questions? We have a team of hiking and camping experts just a bird-call (or email) away.

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