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Seller's Guide

Shipping + Packaging

You’ve got seven days to do it.

Once your gear has sold, you’ll receive an email with the buyer's name and shipping address or a PrePaid label depending on the Shipping Option you selected. (We’ll even remind you in case you forget.) You’ll have seven days to ship the item and update the tracking number in MY ACCOUNT. If you need more time, please send us an email . We’re happy to contact the buyer and request a shipping extension for you.

If seven days go by without you shipping (or successfully requesting an extension), the order will cancel. The faster you can ship your gear, the better your seller rating will be and the more gear you’ll sell.


  1. Package your gear correctly. Remember to bubble wrap fragile parts and add filler to the box to prevent unnecessary sliding around. Crumpled up newspaper works great to fill space. Items damaged due to improper packaging may be returned to you.
  2. Insure your gear. We encourage you to insure your shipments, and most carriers offer $50 of insurance at no extra cost. If a package is lost in the mail, Geartrade is not responsible for covering the item or shipping costs on the seller's behalf.
  3. Remember to save the tracking number. You’ll need to update this tracking number on Geartrade via MY ACCOUNT . We detail this in the email and you’ll see notifications if you login to the site. Doing so, ensures you’ll get paid after your order has been delivered.
  4. We’ll send payment after the order has been delivered. After the order has been delivered, your earnings will go into your Geartrade account in 4-5 days for established sellers and 6-7 days for new sellers. After you complete 5 sales as a seller, you will become an established seller.