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Seller's Guide

Seller Tips

Sellers, we’re here for you.

Here’s a few tips and things to know.

  • Great photos help your gear sell faster. Take lots of photos of your gear, preferably in natural light. Document any wear and tear, be honest about its condition, and price fairly. (Our pricing tool can serve as a guide.)
  • Ship sold goods within seven days and post a tracking number so the buyer knows you shipped their gear and we can pay you. If you don’t enter a tracking number, then we don’t know to pay you, and the order will cancel. This step is key and the sooner you update the tracking, the sooner you will get paid.
  • You’ll get paid 4-5 days after your order is delivered. New sellers get paid 6-7 days after delivery until your account is verified. That leaves plenty of time for the item to be delivered and for the buyer to confirm it's what they ordered. You can choose your preferred payment method—PayPal, Venmo, or ACH (automatic checking deposit).
  • Be in communication right away if, for any reason, you need to cancel an order (such as if an item sells and you no longer have it). You can leave a reason for the cancellation in the comments to inform the buyer.