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Seller's Guide

Getting Paid

You choose the method.

After the order has been delivered, payment will be sent in 4 days for all established sellers and 14 days for new sellers to verify their identity and keep the marketplace safe.

Four days allows enough time for the buyer to receive the order and inspect the gear in case there is anything wrong. Your payment will then be sent via PayPal, Venmo, ACH or check—whatever method you choose, at no additional cost!

Orders on hold

It’s rare but here’s what to know.

Very rarely, an order needs to be placed on hold by customer service to resolve an order issue, and your payment may be delayed. Orders placed on hold are released for payment when the issue is resolved. For example, if the buyer received the wrong item, we will place an order on hold to communicate with both parties to resolve the issue. Once it’s resolved, we’ll send your payment.