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Seller's Guide

Entering a Tracking Number

Keep buyers informed. Get paid.

When you sell an item on Geartrade, we’ll send you an email with all the order details. Then, when you ship your gear, it’s important to update the tracking number on our site (we explain that in the email too).

For handy reference, you can enter the tracking number for your sale here.

It’s important to enter the tracking information for three reasons:

  • It lets the buyer know their gear is safely on its way.
  • It helps your seller rating and average ship time. (Trust us, you’ll sell a lot more gear.)
  • The sooner the tracking number is entered, the sooner you get paid. We begin the payment process when you enter a valid tracking number for your order and after we confirm delivery, we send your payment in 4-5 days for established sellers and 6-7 days for new sellers.

Also, if you login to the site, you’ll see a notification in the upper right hand corner, next to MY ACCOUNT to remind you to enter a tracking number for your recent sale.

Only applies to Free or Flat Rate Shipping options. This does not apply when using our PrePaid Shipping Label option.