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Seller's Guide


Some of our sellers have indicated that they would be willing to negotiate on the price they have listed. You can always purchase the item at full price and do not have to haggle. If a seller is willing to haggle, there will be a Make the Seller an Offer link on the item page. If this link does not appear on the page, the seller has chosen not to negotiate on the price. Buyers should not use Ask Seller a Question to haggle with the seller. GearTrade can only guarantee the accepted haggle price if Make the Seller an Offer was used to establish that price. If you haggle by any other method and do not use the functionality that has been provided, you risk not receiving your purchase, the Buyer Protection Policy does not apply to you, and GearTrade will not intervene to arbitrate any disputes that may arise.

To make an offer on an item, follow these steps:

  1. After evaluating the item, click Make Seller an Offer and make your offer.
  2. The seller will then respond by either accepting or declining your offer.
  3. If the offer is declined, you can use Make the Seller an Offer again with a better offer.
  4. If the offer is accepted, you will be notified and may then proceed to buy the item. Once this offer has been accepted this price goes live and is open to the public, so time is of the essence
  5. Complete the purchase as normal.

You can edit an item to change the price or to stop the haggling process at any time, by following these steps:

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Click on Currently Listed Items
  3. Click on the item you wish to edit.
  4. Deselect the Allow Offers box and make any other changes you wish.
  5. Click on Submit to update the item's listing.