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Return Policy

We keep it both simple and fair.

Geartrade allows returns if the item was misrepresented on the website, in size, color, or condition. If the item arrived damaged or not as described, you may return it. Once your item has been delivered, buyers have 72 hours to contact Geartrade to initiate a return.

If you received an item that was misrepresented, please send us an email right away. We will mediate the return for you and make your life easier—we spare you the confusing process you might find on other marketplaces or classifieds. We have your back.

Items may not be returned due to improper sizing, fit, color, or change of mind. The ASK A QUESTION feature on each item page is there for you to find out all information necessary for you to make a purchase decision.

Since Geartrade sends payment to the seller four days after delivery is confirmed, the buyer has 72 hours to inspect the item under the Buyer Inspection Guarantee. 72 hours after the order has been delivered, the buyer can no longer return an order because Geartrade has already sent payment to the seller. However, the buyer can negotiate the return with the seller directly and we are happy to connect the buyer and seller to mediate the situation.

If a buyer chooses to send back an order to the seller using "return to sender" through any carrier service, the buyer is responsible for these return shipping costs. If you have a return, please contact us before you send the item back.

If you have a return, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Send us an email with a brief explanation and a photo or two that shows how the item was misrepresented.
  2. Let us know if you would like a full refund OR a partial credit in case you would like to keep the item, but feel the original price is unfair considering it's not as described.

If you purchase direct from the seller Geartrade

We have many sellers on our marketplace including us, Geartrade. When you purchase items directly from us, we offer a generous no-questions-asked return policy. You can see who the seller of an item is by viewing the “ABOUT THE SELLER” section on the product page.When Geartrade is listed as the seller, you have up to 14 days to return your gear. The item needs to be in the same condition we sent it to you. (Keep those tags on and whatnot). Simply click here to initiate your return. Any items that are eligible for return will be available on this page.