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"My Account" User's Guide

Customer Questions

Fire away!

When prospective buyers click ASK A QUESTION, we’ll send the seller an email. The question will show up on the Customer Questions section in MY ACCOUNT and on the item page.

Sellers can respond by simply typing their answers and clicking ANSWER.

Remember, these questions and answers appear on the item page, so please refrain from leaving personal information and never respond to a question if the buyer or seller asks for payment. In order to protect our community, we handle all of the payment processing on our end. There is no need to exchange payment or personal information through questions. Don’t worry—we make the process safe and easy.

If you feel like a user is asking inappropriate questions, please send us an email. Keeping our community safe and stoked is of great importance.

Also, if buyers are attempting to make an offer through the ASK A QUESTION feature, sellers may guide them to the MAKE AN OFFER button. That is the easiest way to accept or reject an offer.