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Help Desk

Questions? Help is here!

Here's how the process works - with a few pointers thrown in too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Geartrade?

Geartrade is where adventurists buy and sell the gear they love for the outdoors they need. Our goal is to keep outdoor gear in the outdoors. Not in the landfill. Individuals, retailers and manufacturers come here to sell used, returned, repaired and quality outdoor gear.

I never received my verification email. How can I confirm my account?

Sometimes these emails get filtered into your junk or spam mail folder. Simply mark the email as “not spam”, so you'll receive our emails moving forward. If it's not there, send us an email, and we'll fix this for you.

Can you send me an invoice?

You can view buyer invoices and seller invoices here. Then click on VIEW INVOICE

When do I get paid?

After the order has been delivered, payment will be sent in 4-5 days for all established sellers and 6-7 days for new sellers to verify their identity and keep the marketplace safe.

Four days allows enough time for the buyer to receive the order and inspect the gear in case there is anything wrong. Your payment will then be sent via PayPal, or Venmo —whatever method you choose, at no additional cost!

You can update your preferred payment method here.

My tracking number is showing no information. Is my order lost?

It may take 24-48 hours for tracking information to appear on the carriers website. Often the package is headed to you before it receives its first scan. If tracking is unavailable after 48 hours, send us an email and we'll help you out.

I sold an item that I no longer have. How can I cancel my order?

Click here and then click on CANCEL ORDER. Please leave a reason for cancellation in the comments to inform the buyer.

I just bought an item accidentally. How can I cancel my order?

Please send us an email right away. If we can contact the seller before they ship the item, we can cancel the order for you. Time is of the essence, so the sooner you let us know, the better.

I received a misrepresented item. How do I return it?

Send us an email with a brief explanation and a photo or two that shows how the item was misrepresented.

Let us know if you would like a full refund OR a partial credit in case you would like to keep the item, but feel the original price is unfair since it's not as described.

What if I can't ship my order before the cancellation deadline? Can we extend the date?

Of course. Please send us an email with your anticipated ship date and we'll reach out to the buyer on your behalf. If the buyer agrees, we'll extend your order date.

What will help my gear sell faster?

Take great photos and make sure your room is well-lit. Natural light works best. Remember to take photos of any wear and tear and describe your gear thoroughly. Be honest about any usage and its condition, and price it fairly. Our pricing tool will help guide you. The goal is to keep this gear in the outdoors and not in the landfill.