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Beginners Take: Fly Fishing

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 31, 2020    |    Gear Closet

They say fly fishing is the new bird-watching, not sure why they say that, but it sure is a worthy endeavor. There’s no reason to be intimidated by this style of fishing, because at its heart it’s tru...

Intersectional Environmentalism is the Way of the Future

by Emma Athena    |    Jul 29, 2020    |    News

Increasing participation in outdoor recreation could be a boon to the conservation movement. As we look for climate change solutions that promote healthier communities and protect more environments, w...

How To Write A Great Product Title

by Beth Lopez    |    Jul 27, 2020    |    Gear Closet

Quick tips to write a great product title to sell your gear faster. You don’t have to be a writing expert to give your product a good title—just follow this checklist, think about who is likely to wan...

Environmental Racism Is Nothing New

by Emma Athena    |    Jul 23, 2020    |    News

A look at why racism must be addressed in the environmental movement. To understand how we’ve arrived at this moment in time—with climate change disproportionately impacting non-white populations and...

Getting Outside Safely

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 20, 2020    |    News

When planning your next outdoor adventure, it’s important to expand your normal planning routine to ensure that your actions are also limiting your exposure to the virus, as well as limiting the sprea...

Geatrade: Essential UnNew Outdoor™ Gear for Summer

by Beth Lopez    |    Jul 16, 2020    |    Gear Closet

Summer is officially in full swing, and by now, you’ve probably dug through your gear closet to brush off your hydration pack, tent, or camp chair. And, in doing so, you likely came across a few thing...

What Is Recommerce?

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 13, 2020    |    UnNew

Welcome to the recommerce movement! You might be thinking, ‘Hey, whoa, I’m just here to swap some gear not join a movement.’ Well chances are you’re already participating in recommerce whether intenti...

As Outdoor Visitation Surges- Leave No Trace Is More Important Than Ever

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 06, 2020    |    News

Our ability to escape to nature is even more valuable than ever before. Here are tips to ensure you leave no trace while enjoying the outdoors.

How to Clean Trad Climbing Gear

by Emma Athena    |    Jul 03, 2020    |    Gear Closet

Climbing is a sport intricately woven with risk. When trad climbing, gear keeps you safe, and to ensure maximum functionality (aka safety), the spring-loaded metal devices known as “cams,” should be r...