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GT: Holiday Weekend Survival Guide

by TJ Parsons    |    Jan 10, 2023    |    News

Stressing the MLK weekend ski crowds? If you do it right, they’re not so bad. Check out our guide to surviving busy holiday weekends at your favorite resort.

GT: The January Gear Roundup 

by Beth Lopez    |    Jan 06, 2023    |    Gear Closet

Whether you’re in need of a new pair of ski boots, a set of snowshoes for forest walks with the pup, or a “going-out” fleece that looks sharper (and smells fresher) than your ski touring fleece, you’r...

GT Brand Highlight- Armada

by Beth Lopez    |    Jan 03, 2023    |    Gear Closet

In the Armada lineup, you’ll now find a full spectrum of freeride and freestyle skis for men, women, and kiddos, suited for a variety of conditions and ability levels. What they all have in common: lo...

GT Guide to Winter Trail Running

by Beth Lopez    |    Dec 29, 2022    |    Gear Closet

We know the conundrum: the runner’s high is always worth it in the end, even if it can be hard to motivate to get out the door. But once winter comes along, it can be way harder to rally. Here’s a qui...

GT: Tips and hacks for happy ski touring

by Beth Lopez    |    Dec 26, 2022    |    Gear Closet

Geartrade writer Beth Lopez averages a hundred days per season backcountry skiing in the Wasatch, with nearly two decades of ski touring under her belt. We dig her philosophy, and we thought we should...

Avalanche Report Basics

by Beth Lopez    |    Dec 22, 2022    |    News

Within the avalanche report, you’ll find not only valuable information about what’s safe, what isn’t, and how it’s trending over time—you’ll also get insightful clues about where the softest snow is....

Ski Touring Basics

by Beth Lopez    |    Dec 20, 2022    |    Gear Closet

To “get into” ski touring, there are two primary things to tackle: getting the gear, then getting the avalanche safety, and route-planning knowledge to go out and do it.

Recommerce in the Outdoors with Priya Kavina

by Kalie Lovell    |    Dec 19, 2022    |    UnNew

Priya Kavina, UnNew community member and fellow adventurer, aims to bring a new light on sustainability in the outdoor world, she takes us back in time to give us a history on consumerism in the Unite...

GT - Snowboard Gift Guide

by TJ Parsons    |    Dec 13, 2022    |    Gear Closet

If there’s a snowboarder you want to impress this holiday season, getting them a gift that makes their time in the mountains even more fun is a great way to have them think of you every time they use...