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Introducing: GT Consignment Selling

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 03, 2021    |    UnNew

It is now easier than ever to sell your gear on Geartrade. With our new Consignment Selling option you can finally reclaim your gear closet. Send it in. We take care of the rest.

GT: How to Clean Tents and Sleeping Bags 

by Beth Lopez    |    Aug 02, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks were born to live the rock’n’roll, rough-and-tumble life of trail adventure. Naturally, they end up covered in dirt, sand, mud, tree sap, spilled sunscreen, sweat,...

Beer for Gear Event: T.F. Brewing

by admin    |    Jul 29, 2021    |    News

Geartrade is kicking off August with multiple events where you can donate your gear. The first in the series is our Beer For Gear Event at T.F. Brewing.

Geartrade Sourcing: What do we mean by “UnNew”

by Beth Lopez    |    Jul 22, 2021    |    UnNew

What exactly does “UnNew” mean … used, right? Here’s a quick and dirty lowdown of where most of the items you see on Geartrade come from. 

Family Kayaking Basics with Emily Jackson 

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 15, 2021    |    Gear Closet

We caught up with World Freestyle Kayak champion Emily Jackson to get her top tips on how to kayak with kids.

Geartrade Gear Roundup: July 

by Beth Lopez    |    Jul 12, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Summer fun is in high gear, and we’re proud to showcase the UnNew, gently-used, surplus, and right-out-of-the-box gear currently hanging out on Geartrade waiting for its new owner—you!

Sustainable Gear: New for Summer 2021

by Emma Athena    |    Jul 07, 2021    |    Gear Closet

While we always want to source gear secondhand (it’s more affordable and the best you can do in terms of minimizing environmental impacts), the reality is we can’t always find what we need from a prev...

E-Bike Basics

by Annie Fast    |    Jul 05, 2021    |    Gear Closet

E-bikes are definitely here to stay and we’re psyched about it! They allow cyclists more freedom in range, load weight and passengers. There’s no time like now to try out an e-bike and join in on the...

A Year of UnNew: Month Six

by Emma Athena    |    Jul 01, 2021    |    UnNew

The Challenge: go an entire year buying UnNew goods except for food and medical supplies. Could you do it? Month six: Confessions of a shopaholic.