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The Beginner’s Guide to Camping 

by Beth Lopez    |    May 04, 2021    |    Gear Closet

There are a million ways to go camping, and all of them are a different flavor of fun. While deluxe options exist like glamping (Pinterest-worthy teepee tents!) and van camping (string lights sold sep...

A Year of UnNew: Month Four

by Emma Athena    |    May 04, 2021    |    UnNew

Ideally in my mind, this Year of UnNew would feature not a single purchase of a single new thing. Literally nothing (save food and medicine, as we outlined at the beginning of this journey). But, of c...

Geartrade: “Behind the Photo” with Adventure Photographer Jay Dash

by Beth Lopez    |    Apr 30, 2021    |    News

On one memorable trip to the Valley of the Gods in Southern Utah, photographer Jay Dash took one carefully planned photo—and one photo that fate lined up. 

Paddle Boarding for Beginners

by Annie Fast    |    Apr 28, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Paddle boarding, or SUPing, is a great sport for so many reasons. The barrier to entry is low, the learning curve is quick, and paddling itself is so enjoyable it might not even register as exercise (...

The Afterlife of Stuff. A Q&A with second-hand expert Adam Minter

by Emma Athena    |    Apr 23, 2021    |    UnNew

Journalist Adam Minter has traveled the world researching the world of second-hand goods, and he’s two written books that dive deep into “the afterlife of stuff.” We spoke with him about how different...

The Beginner’s Guide to Hiking 

by Beth Lopez    |    Apr 20, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Hiking is hands-down one of the most beginner-friendly ways to get outdoors, regardless of your fitness level or preferred level of adventurousness. It also happens to be extremely affordable, as ther...

Easy On-The-Go Gear Fixes

by Annie Fast    |    Apr 16, 2021    |    UnNew

There’s no reason to toss a perfectly good jacket, or tent, or sleeping bag because of a jammed zipper or a burn or tear. These battle wounds can be repaired out in the field … if you’re prepared.

Geartrade: Spring Gear Roundup

by Beth Lopez    |    Apr 13, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Spring is springing here in Utah, and we have to say, we’re amped up. With the longer days come the possibility for “Utah triathlons,” in which we can combine multiple sports like skiing, running, bik...

Where Can You Find A Bike This Season?!

by Annie Fast    |    Apr 06, 2021    |    Gear Closet

Hurray, biking season is here! In normal years, this would be a great time to upgrade some components on your existing bike or head into your local bike shop to spring for a brand new bike. But, nothi...