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Your Gear Is Here! Now What?

You requested a box, bag, or label, packed up your gear, and sent it over to us! Woohoo!

What happens now? Click here to see a video highlighting the process. 

First, you can always tell when we received your gear by logging into your Geartrade account and clicking here. As we start to work on your shipment, you can see the items we’re working on here too!

Once we receive your gear, it’s processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Because we have so many enthusiastic UnNew community members sending us their well-loved gear, the following process can take 3-4 weeks from the time your shipment is delivered.

Our talented consignment intake team takes the following steps with each piece of gear in your shipment:

  • Overall assessment to determine brand, size, and style.

  • Zip and unzip each zipper.

  • Confirm each pocket is empty.

  • Assess condition, including:

    • Overall wear

    • Stains

    • Fraying/pilling

    • Holes

    • Odor

    • Functionality of fasteners

    • Presence or absence of hoods, liners, tent poles, or any original accessory items

  • Internet search for proper item name and price.

  • Assign New, Excellent, Good, or Fair conditions and corresponding price.

  • Record all issues affecting an item’s condition.

  • Create compelling copy to accurately describe the item and its intended use.

  • Take professional in-house photos of your product.

  • Scan your product into our inventory system so our incredible warehouse team can easily find it when it is ordered.

You’ll receive an email allowing you to accept or change the price we have determined for your item. You have 48 hours to confirm or change the price–the sooner you do, the faster your gear appears on Geartrade to be purchased by its next amazing UnNew community member! TLDR: Check out a quick video of the above here.

Jackie Baker is an avid skier, just waiting for another classic Wasatch powder day. When not on snow, she likes to ride her bike long distances in remote places. Visit her Instagram profile, @ohjaybay, to see where she's riding and what snacks she's packing.

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Have Summer gear to sell? Get cracking. 

It is now easier than ever to sell your gear on Geartrade. With our new Consignment Selling option you can finally reclaim your gear closet. Send it in. We take care of the rest.


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