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Why Was My Gear Rejected?

We love it when you consign your well-loved gear, because we know there’s an UnNew community member out there waiting to give it a loving home. However, if gear has been too well used or doesn’t fall into categories that sell well on Geartrade, it cannot be resold. For these reasons, we may “reject” your gear.

Believe it or not, we’ve received office trash cans, expired dehydrated food packets, and a cigar cutter- just to name a few of the more interesting items that have made their way to us. Please don’t send us your household goods!

When we reject items, you have the choice to either pay to have them sent back to you, or for them to be donated to a local charity (we are currently working with the Gear Fund Collective) or be recycled. We prefer not to utilize space on shipping vehicles to send back, recycle, or donate gear that you could handle locally.

Please use this handy guide to learn a bit more about items we don’t accept. But, how do we decide when your gear is too worn?

Repairs will cost more than the repaired gear will be worth

We know that many of you are pretty handy and can sew, patch, tune, and seal with great success. However, some items like older climbing shoes, trashed skis, or gear with stripped threads or bolts will be rejected, as the cost of repairs is often prohibitive.

These boots with holes in the heels from excessive wear were rejected.

Item doesn’t perform its function

Computers that don’t turn on, headlamps that don’t charge, zippers that don’t zip, tread that’s worn smooth, (you get the idea). One broken buckle on a backpack may not be cause for rejection, but if the item can’t function properly without a simple repair, then it’s out.

Brand has worn off

We can often use measurements to determine a product’s size. However, if the item is unbranded or if the branding has worn off, it’s difficult for us to determine the item’s worth and price. Items with no visible brand will be rejected.

This light had camping party potential, but it's sold as tactical gear.

The item’s primary use is tactical or hunting

There are a lot of great marketplaces for tactical and hunting gear. We aren’t it. Please don’t send us items that are intended for these purposes. They will be rejected.


Depending on the item, a small hole can be accepted as Fair Condition, or even Good. But multiple holes, holes near seams, lengthy tears, and holes that allow insulation to escape are often cause for rejection.


If a helmet or PFD is older than 5 years old (pre-2017) or if ski bindings are not on the indemnified list, then they will be rejected. Many of these items will have a date printed on them. If you can’t find a date, we can’t find a date, and it will be rejected.


We ask that you wash all gear before you send it to us. Often gear that has been around cigarette smoke, has been stored in musty environments, or was put away without washing years ago will have an odor that won’t wash out. An unpleasant smell that doesn’t fade can often be cause for rejection.


If gear was improperly stored, if water bottles or filters were stored wet, or if food has been left in a bag or pack, there’s potential that mustiness is actually a mold issue. Please inspect your gear before sending it so that you don’t ship us moldy items. They will be rejected.

These socks were too dirty to accept.

Blood and Mud

You might be surprised how many people send us muddy, bloody, or greasy items. It’s important to remember that the goal is to sell your gear to another community member and have them be stoked on it. Washing your gear before sending it is one step toward ensuring it won’t be rejected. If we can’t clean it quickly with a lint brush, it’s at risk of rejection.

This urinary director had potentially been used.

Used Sanitation Products

Everybody poops, but not everybody wants to buy your used pooper. We can accept new wag bags, urinary directors, and portable toilets. However, once that seal has been broken, refrain from sending it our way.

Curious about if your clean, functional gear toes the line between acceptable and rejectable? Feel free to reach out to us at and we can guide you!

Jackie Baker is an avid skier, just waiting for another classic Wasatch powder day. When not on snow, she likes to ride her bike long distances in remote places. Visit her Instagram profile, @ohjaybay, to see where she's riding and what snacks she's packing.

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