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Geartrade: The Latest Consignment Lowdown 

It began as a bold idea, but it’s now gained momentum: our consignment gear-selling program has kicked into high gear! People really dig the convenient option to simply send their gear in and let us take it from there.

And of course, given the season, massive amounts of excellent winter gear are coming in hot. It’s the perfect solution for anyone getting ready to get after it this winter—buy UnNew on Geartrade, including all this superb consignment gear, and save money.

Here are a few item categories coming in hot:

Ski & Snowboard gear 

Tis the season to stock up on UnNew ski and board goods, and our community has sent in a ton of skis, boards, boots, accessories, gloves, helmets, bindings, goggles, and kids’ ski/ride gear. The resort lifts are spinning and the backcountry is building up its layer of winter white, so it’s time to pick up any items you still need for an optimal season.

Women’s activewear 

Ladies everywhere have been sending in nice-looking activewear items ranging from long-sleeved hiking/running shirts to leggings, sport tanks, running shorts, sports bras, and windbreakers.

These items cost way too much brand-new at the store, which is a good reason to keep them in circulation, passing them along to another lady through Geartrade. Browse what we’ve got on hand, and get yourself wonderfully styled out with new-to-you duds for working out, hiking, and running.

Cycling clothing 

As the cycling season winds down in cool-weather parts of the country, tons of people in the Geartrade community are sending in their gently-used cycling jerseys, shorts, long-sleeve tops, and tights for someone new to buy and use. (We also happen to have tons of unused ones that no one ever bought, sent to us by brands to help them clear their shelves.)

They’re available in all sizes, colors, patterns, and zipper configurations, so you can snap up the perfect layers to round out your ensemble. Browse this bevvy of bike clothing and start looking forward to your upcoming rides, whether you live in a place where you can ride year-round, or you’re already getting psyched for spring.

Camping goods 

If you enjoy any sort of camping, you should hop on Geartrade and see what people have been sending in. There’s everything ranging from sleeping bags to camp cooking supplies, camp pillows, mosquito nets, packs, lanterns, tents, and camp furniture.

When you’re camping, all the little creature comforts—including better, lighter gear that hurts less to carry and drag around—all add up. Take inventory of your camp gear and assess what you could improve on—and what you could sell.

That’s it for the consignment report—don’t forget to list or send in your own unneeded items for sale. One man’s UnNew is another man’s New. We think that’s how the saying goes, anyway.

Beth Lopez is a seasoned writer and creative director who loves to tell tales of adventure and discovery—and finds writing a powerful way to give a voice to people, causes, and places. Beth runs amok in the Wasatch mountains when untethered from her computer. She believes there’s no such thing as a bad ski day and considers animals her favorite people. Don’t tell her mother about her Instagram mountaineering photos.

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Have Winter gear to sell? Get cracking. 

It is now easier than ever to sell your gear on Geartrade. With our new Consignment Selling option you can finally reclaim your gear closet. Send it in. We take care of the rest